Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Herschiser Error Highlights Topps Newest Jumbo Wall Art Cards

The 1987 Topps Baseball card design has always elicited mixed emotions with me.  When I first saw the set as a teen I hated the design.  It reminded me of the family wood-sided station-wagon we used to take on long arduous road trips.  With the passage of time, however, I've gained an appreciation for it.

Today, it is quirky and nostalgic.  Almost thirty years later I think fondly of not only ripping open pack after pack of this product, but also of those family jaunts to far off places.  They are memories that I cherish today, and to see the set come back as an tribute with current Dodgers makes me smile.

Featured here are pics of the complete ten card 1987 Tribute set release by Topps, and it is available online as either an 5" x 7" complete set or individually as much larger sized wall art.  Go here to take a look.

Of special note is the Orel Hershiser card - the only former Dodger in the set.  As you can see in the screengrab above, Topps messed up.  They have misspelled Orel's last name - adding a "c" where is doesn't belong.

I wonder if the printed cards contain this error.  I figure the pic in the Topps listing online is a digital representation of the set, so there's no guarantee that this is actually what you'll get.  What I do know, though, is that these cards are ready to ship within three to five days, so it's likely that they've already been printed.  Like many cards made in the 80's I suspect this will be an uncorrected error.

UPDATE:  I sent along this post to Topps and they have just informed me that the cards have yet to be printed, so they'll be making the appropriate changes.  Oh well, I was looking forward to seeing the error.

Now check out pics of the entire set below.

2016 Topps Museum Collection - The Rare Dodgers Cards

I should have pics of most of the Dodgers autographed cards found in packs of 2016 Topps Museum tomorrow.  In the meantime, check out some of the rare "1 of 1" Dodgers cards that are available below. Go here to check out all of my previous post on this set.

Jumbo Lumber Bat Nameplate Relic (#/1)

  • #JLNP-AGN Adrian Gonzalez
  • #JLNP-AGO Adrian Gonzalez
  • #JLNP-CK Clayton Kershaw
  • #JLNP-CU Chase Utley
  • #JLNP-DS Duke Snider
  • #JLNP-HJR Hyun-Jin Ryu
  • #JLNP-YP Yasiel Puig
  • #JLNP-ZG Zack Greinke

#JLNP-ZG Zack Greinke           #JLNP-CU Chase Utley

Weekend Autograph Opportunities: A Pederson Bobblehead and Former Rams Charles White and Anthony Davis

Here are this weekends autograph opportunities and events throughout the Southland. As always, be sure to check the Blue Heaven Calendar for other events (a link can always be found on the tab at the top of this page, just left of center), and always confirm with the establishment. Everything is subject to change.  Please email me with any tips about upcoming events in Southern California.  As the rest of the week progresses I'll update this post with other events (if there are any) as I become aware of them.  Also, I don't always list every event below, so be sure to check my Calendar.  I always try to favor free signing events over paying events.  Click on any pic to embiggen.


There doesn't appear to be much in the way of Dodgers related events this weekend, but there is something going on at our Single-A ballclub in Rancho Cucamonga.  The RC Quakes are giving out a Joc Pederson bobblehead to the first 1,500 fans at their game this coming Friday against the Rawhide.  Go here for information.

Blog Kiosk: 4/20/2016 - Dodgers Links - De Leon, Puig and Kenley Met Shaq

Holy Moly!  Look at all those boxes.

Jose De Leon, a Dodgers top pitching prospect, shared a pic on Twitter last night about that evenings activities.
Fun night signing some @BowmanCards @toppscards while laughing nonstop watching @BabyDaddyTV #Productivity
I've never seen "Baby Daddy", but I do recognize a hand-cramp when I see it.  As you can see, De Leon is in the midst of signing a whole bunch of Bowman Baseball cards for Topps.  There are at least seven 800 count boxes of cards and that translates a whole lot of cardboard.  I hope he didn't do them all 'cause he won't be able to pitch for weeks if he did.

As for yesterdays Dodgers game, it was a stinker.  They got walloped by the bottom dwelling Braves 8-1.  The team gave up three errors, and it certainly not an impressive outing for Alex Wood. Via Mark Bowman and Jon Cooper at
"A lot of them came out swinging early, especially in the first inning. It surprised me a little bit on some of them," said Wood. "[Nick] Markakis, Freddie [Freeman], those guys have started swinging a lot earlier in the count. I had to adjust. But with my fastball command what it was, it was kind of tough to battle between the aggressive hacks and not being able to throw it where I wanted to."
Below are more links to check out:
  • Video: Roberts On Uncharacteristic Outing: The Dodgers manager discusses the team's loss to the Braves. (Video Link)