Friday, March 23, 2007

Dodgers Win!: More Spring Training Photos

After witnessing the Dodgers lose all five games I've seen this Spring I finally get to see a win. Dodgers 6, Marlins 2. Derek Lowe was sharp after a slow start that saw the Marlins gather back to back doubles and a sacrifice ground ball for two runs in the first inning. Lowe appears ready to start the season. Saito, Broxton and Billingsley were also sharp. Matt Kemp hit a line drive homerun to left centerfield. Hopefully this is a good sign as opening day approaches.

Roger Dean Stadium host both the St. Louis Cardinals and the Florida Marlins during Spring Training. It's a gorgeous facility. Below is a photo celebrating the Cardinals World Championship last year.

Grady Little decides to play first base as LaRoche takes some grounders from third base.
James Loney and Matt Kemp have been the most accessible players this week. Below, James Loney is signing for the autograph hounds.

Chin-Lung Hu played a little bit of shortstop this afternoon. Below, he is at-bat.
Luis Gonzalez at-bat.

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