Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Look at FanFest Through Twitter

For those of you who could not make it to the Dodgers FanFest this afternoon... well, at least there's twitter.  There is nothing like feeling like you're there through the photos of others.

Here is the entrance to FanFest.

FanFest entrance/ Instagram @wonhophoto

And who is there to greet you?  It's Mickey Mouse dressed up in Blue.

Dodger Mickey/ Instagram @dalillamma

The highlight of the afternoon must have been Vin Scully speaking to the Dodgers faithful.

Vin Skully at FanFest/ Moby @Amber Lee

Wait... Maybe Matt Kemp was the highlight.

Matt Kemp at FanFest/ Instagram @annyu16

Of course, many fans were there for the autographs.  Below, Tony Gwynn Jr., Javy Guerra and Justin Sellers do some signing.

Gwynn, Guerra & Sellers/ twitter @Dodgers

I think this fan scored the best one's of all.  Check out Fernando Valenzuela and Tommy Lasorda below.

Fernando & Lasorda/ Instagram @lizleyva

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