Friday, October 24, 2008

eBay Buy: 1959 Dodgers Postcards

I picked up 2 great new postcards on eBay. Check them out below. They are from 1959 season and has a total of 12 cards for a complete set. My find includes catcher John Roseboro and infielder Carl Furillo. They were sold in souvenir stands during games, and is one of the earliest team issued sets for the new LA team. What makes this set unique is the backdrop. Only the 1959 and 1960 sets feature all of the players on the field at the Los Angeles Colieum.
A unusual collecting fact is that the exact same photos where used for the Morrell Meats LA Dodger set inserted in hot dog packages from the same year. I paid $10.00 a piece for the postcards.

Hunt Auctions: Brooklyn Memorabilia

Hunt's regular internet auctions seem to always have a couple of great little finds. Their recently closed summer offering includes several Dodger gems.

Below is a used and I'm sure well loved ticket stub from game 7 of the 1955 World Series. As you know, the Dodgers won their first World Series that year. It sold for $58.00.

This is something I've never seen before. Below is a vintage 1950's Dodgers "Bum" seat cushion. It has obviously been well used, but still has a strong image on the face. It sold for a healthy $220.00. I had bid on this item, but was greatly over-matched.

Here are some 1950's ceramic Dodger themed table pieces. There is a ashtray, creamer and salt/pepper shaker. It sold for $143.00.