Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Legendary Auctions: Awesome 1899 Brooklyn Folk Art Walking Staff

This is just incredible. No doubt a one of a kind item, an industrious and skilled craftsman took it upon himself to carve out this walking stick in honor of the 1899 Brooklyn Superbas. Once residing in the collection of Barry Halper and now available for sale from Legendary Auctions as a part of the Bill Mastro collection, this item features 11 players. Strangely, one player, a W. J. Klarke, is not a known Brooklyn player or Baseball player. In fact, I would be willing to bet that this is the carver himself. What better way to immortalize yourself, especially considering he took the time to carve this, then to add himself to the team. If I had the money I would go after this one.

Legendary Auctions: 1900 Brooklyn Superbas

Here is another great Brooklyn Superbas item from the collection of Bill Mastro. This is a 1900 National League Champions Composite Photograph of the team. There are 4 future Hall of Famers featured: Ned Hanlon, Joe Kelly, Hughie Jennings and Wee Willie Keeler.
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Lelands: Vintage Ornate Ebbets Field Tickets

You can't beat these vintage die-cut Opening Day tickets from Ebbets Field. Available at Lelands is a 3 ticket lot of Opening Day tickets from 1939 to 1941.

eBay: 1960 Fritos Dodgers

eBay once again shines light on a once forgotten Dodger collectible. Here, we have two examples from 1960 from the Frito Company. These are ticket folders produced from 1960 to 1961, and are exceedingly rare. A complete listing of the entire set is unknown (at least according to my 2002 Standard Catalog). In fact, the Larry Sherry is a new find according to my catalog. I wouldn't be surprised if these end up selling for $100.00 a piece.

UPDATE: Holy Cow!!!! These just closed and the Larry Sherry below closed at an unbelievable $980.00. No Effing Way!!!! The Charlie Neal closed at $180.35.

Here is what the reverse of the cards look like. The 1960 Dodger home schedule and a free child ticket coupon is prominently displayed.

My Collection: Vintage Booster Gin Rummy Set

With so many different kinds of vintage memorabilia items out there you can never really have your fill. Here is a unique and different Dodger related item from my collection. It is a circa 1950's Booster Club gin rummy set with the Dodger emblem right on front.