Monday, April 25, 2011

Go King Go! Game 6 Tonight!

It's do or die time for the Kings as they face off against the San Jose Sharks in their first round match up tonight. The game is at 7:00 PM- which is a small departure from their normal 7:30 start times. They again face elimination, but I have no fear. The Kings have found a way to overcome every obstacle they have faced this season.

With the Kings 3rd line- a checking line consisting of some young but amped future stars- taking control of the scoring lately, I can't help but think this has caused significant problems for the Sharks defense. Do they have their best defenders go out against that line at the risk of having the Kings more traditional scoring lines face off against lesser defensive setups? Will Dustin Penner, anchoring the 4th line, actually make it a more dangerous scoring threat like we saw in Game 5? After all, who else can boast about having a top of the line scoring winger on a line traditionally thought of an energy line. Has coach Murray's lineup juggling finally found a great mix that emphasizes balance over star power? Can the Kings win tonight thereby forcing a Game 7 scramble up north.

I hesitate to make a prediction (I'm sure you know who I'm rooting for), but I will tell you this- If this goes to a seventh game the Kings will win the series. And you can take that to the bank.

Below is a video to pump you up.

Tom Schieffer, It Is

LinkThe new Dodger overlord, i.e. trustee, will be George W. Bush crony and brother of Bob Schieffer of "Face the Nation" fame, Tom Schieffer. Oh, he also use to be president of the Texas Rangers. From the MLB press release:
Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig announced today that he has appointed J. Thomas Schieffer, the former president of the Texas Rangers, as the Monitor of the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise. Schieffer will represent the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball in the oversight of the day-to-day operations, business and finances of the Dodgers and all of the franchise's related entities.

Schieffer, an investor in the ownership group headed by George W. Bush and Rusty Rose that purchased the Rangers in 1989, was the club president from 1991-1999 and the franchise's general partner from November 1994 until June 1998. The Fort Worth native was the club's partner in charge of ballpark development in advance of the 1994 opening of The Ballpark in Arlington. The Rangers won their first three American League West titles (1996, 1998-1999) in club history in the years during Schieffer's tenure.
And a quote from Selig:
"We are very fortunate to have someone of Tom Schieffer's stature monitor the operations of the Los Angeles Dodgers on behalf of Major League Baseball. Tom is a distinguished public servant who has represented the nation with excellence and has demonstrated extraordinary leadership throughout his career. The many years that he spent managing the operations of a successful franchise will benefit the Dodgers and Major League Baseball as a whole. I am grateful for Tom's acceptance of this role."

Collection: Jackie Robinson 1938 Yearbook

After a successful sporting life at John Muir High School Jackie Robinson entered Pasadena Junior College in 1938 with plenty of athletic promise. He went on to play Baseball, football, basketball and track & field there. On the diamond he was the short stop and batted lead off for the team, and broke the school record for the broad jump that was once held by his Olympian brother Mack.

While there he also received the following honors:
  • Elected to the All-Southland Junior College Team in Baseball;
  • All-Southland Junior College Team MVP;
  • Named to the school's Order of the Mast and Dagger (Omicron Mu Delta), awarded to students performing "outstanding service to the school and whose scholastic and citizenship record is worthy of recognition;" and
  • member of a student run police organization called the Lancers.
Pictured in this post is a 1938 yearbook from Pasadena Junior College in my collection. Check out some of the pics featuring Jackie within it.
Here he is with the track & field team.
Jackie is pictured on the bottom right below.
Here is a beaming Jackie with the basketball team.
I'm pretty sure that's Jackie on the bottom right below.

(click on any of the pics to enlarge)

Auto Collection: Maury Wills Sweet Spot

Here is a group of great Maury Wills autographs. These are 2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Signatures. Below is the "red & blue" stitching variation numbered to 40.

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Go Kings Go!

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