Tuesday, September 06, 2011

eBay: Ticket from Last Game at Ebbets Field

Here is very scarce vintage full ticket to the very last Baseball game played at Ebbets Field. Instead of being torn when entering the stadium it has been given punch holes to signify the fans entrance. It recently sold on eBay for an incredible $1,149.89. Much more than I thought it would sell for.

The last game was between the Dodgers and Pittsburgh Pirates, and fortunately, the Dodgers eked out a victory, 2-0. With only 6,702 fans in attendance this ticket is one of only a handful that has survived the test of time.

Daily Conlon: 262 through 270

Here are todays Daily Conlon cards numbered 262 through 270 that features former Dodger Ed Konetchy. It is a All-Time Leader card highlighting his 10 consecutive hits in 1919 as a member of the Brooklyn Robins. Again, the conlon card pictures him in a uniform other than the Dodgers even though he achieved the record with them.

Of special note, Konetchy was a bit of a hero. In 1910, as a member of the Cardinals, he helped rescue numerous passengers aboard a train crash. Along with manager Roger Bresnahan they led an effort to carry the injured to safety.

My 1950 Jackie Robinson Flip Book

I wanted take a moment to share a little something from my Jackie Robinson collection. Here is a 1950 Pocket Television Theatre flip book featuring Jackie Robinson showing fans "How to Hit."

Please note that in the first part I show the movie in flip form then follow up with a much slower pic by pic view. Under each photo is a written description of how best to square up and swing at a pitch.

UPDATE: I neglected to tell you about rarity and value. These flip books are fairly scarce. You'll probably see them 2 or 3 times a year at auction. Due to their uniqueness and oddball nature they are hardly sought after, but do command a couple of hundred or more (on a good day) at auction. I can't speak to the rarity of the Gene Autry or Howdy Doody flip books (since I've never searched them out), but the "How to Hit" version appears to be the more common of the Jackie Robinson flip books- although I've never verified that with other more knowledgeable collectors. A difference in scarcity would makes sense, of course, since most young fans would have been more interested in Jackie's hitting than bunting skills. In fact, I can't quite recall the last time I've seen the "How to Bunt" Jackie Robinson flip book.

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The Sounds of the Dodgers: That's the Way the Ball Bounces by Willie Davis

I had no idea Willie Davis had such a great voice. Here he is singing the song "That's the Way the Ball Bounces" from the 1963 LP The Sounds of the Dodgers. Check out the previous recordings from this record here.

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