Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Plaschke... You Ding Bat

This morning I stumbled out of bed as my faithful dog, Miko, walked along behind me. Where are my slippers? I thought to myself. "Dammit... Did you hide them Miko?" Oftentimes, I'll discover that she had kicked them under the bed or is laying right on top of them. On this morning, however, I find my slippers in the most unusual place- right where they are suppose to be. I missed them in my daze and confusion. So, I put them on, walked out of my room, strolled through the living area and out the front door while rubbing the sleep from my eyes. The morning paper was in my sight and the daily sports page was my goal. I grabbed the paper, pulled out the sports section and proceeded to read it as I sat on the porcelain throne. This is my usual routine most morning as I prepare for another day of work.

Let's see. "AL Triples Its Pleasure in 9th." Ya know, that was a great game. Probably the most exciting All Star Game I've seen in a long time. Michael Young is having a fantastic year.

Ah... Danica Patrick might join NASCAR. Lisa Leslie is having the best season of her career. Kwame Brown will not face sex assault charges. Quite a full boat of news there.

Plaschke! That dreaded sports editorial writer. He has a column about the Dodgers up. This should be good.

"Trade Wasn't Worth a Penny."

Yup... Another Plaschke special. This guy aggravates me to no end. So much so I will refuse to link to him.

He is a constant whiner. Not only that, he is mistaken about the facts. I believe we did just fine in that trade.

Gagne was not overused in 2004. As 6-4-2 states,
"he pitched the exact same number of innings in 2004 as he did in 2003."
LoDuca would not be with the team today, leadership or not, if he was not traded then. Just remember, Russell Martin was heading up the prospect ladder and his progress would have meant Dukies departure. (BTW, Paul LoDuca still remains my favorite Dodger, post millennium. But lets face it. You just can't keep everyone if you want to win. Hard choices must be made.) Guillermo Mota has been absolutely terrible since that trade. Mota had a 4.81 ERA in 2004 after the trade, a 4.70 ERA for the Marlins in 2005 and has a ERA of 5.94 with the Indians this year. He would not have solidified the relief corps. Choi, on the other hand, has been terrible. There's one point Plaschke does win. The saving grace, though, is the emergence of Mr. Penny. Brad, the only other player still with the team they were traded to, has blossomed into our staff ace. Enough said!