Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Vintage Pics: Sportsman's Park

For a little change of pace, Richard sent along some photos of an old ballpark from out of state called Sportsman's Park in St. Louis, Missouri. It was originally home to the St. Louis Browns from 1902 to 1953 and the St. Louis Cardinals from 1920 to 1966. The St. Louis Cardinal's NFL team also played here for five years in the 60's.

The two photos below are from May 1951 and feature the Cardinals versus an unidentified team. In the top photo it looks like the Cardinals are on the field and the opposing team just scored a run. The pitcher is behind the catcher to backup a throw from the outfield as a runner had just crossed the plate to score. He is soon to be congratulated by the next batter up. The hometown crowd seems rather sullen as they hope for the end of the inning.

Something that has always amazed me about spectators during this time period is how they dressed. They all wore suits and hats to games.
The best part about the photo below is the advertising in the outfield. Do you need some ice cubes? No problem give City Ice Cubes a call. They'll come by every morning to drop off their wares. How about razors? I've got a gem of a razor here for ya. That add on top is great. It is undoubtedly a beer add. After all, what else makes life brighter?