Monday, April 20, 2015

Scans of the 1951 Jackie Robinson Comic #5

Here are scans of the vintage 1951 Jackie Robinson Comic #5.  There is one more to go before I'm done.  I should have that up tomorrow.

Directly below are links to the other comics I've scanned and shared so far:
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      So, When Did Joc Pederson Wear Orange?

      As you know, I love sharing pics of the newest Dodger Baseball cards in the hobby.  Considering it's likely that I won't have most of them in my collection, I just enjoy having an opportunity to see what they all look like - and I hope some of you enjoy it as well.

      Anyway, from time to time a card comes along that has me scratching my head.  For instance, check out the Joc Pederson 2015 Gypsy Queen autographed relic card below.  It had be befuddled.  After all, no Dodger should have to wear orange!

      #AR-JP Joc Pederson

      So, what's up with the orange colored fabric in this card?  I gotta know.

      It's supposedly a game-used memorabilia piece, but from where?

      Well, after a little bit of searching I think I've figured it out.  Joc Pederson was named to the 2013 USA Team at the MLB All-Star Futures Game, and was forced to wear the colors of our hated rival up north.  As evidence, check out the below photo. 

      Yeah... a Dodger Blue cap with that orange colored jersey just does not look right.  It's downright disgusting.  Heck, it's so bad I think I hate the Gypsy Queen card shown above... Like, really hate it.
      (Getty Photo)

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      2015 Topps Gypsy Queen - The Dodger Base Variation Cards

      Following up on my post from Friday where I shared pics of all the Dodger base cards found in 2015 Gypsy Queen, below are the handful of variations that can be found.  I've included a pic of the normal base card (on the left) and it's short-printed photo variation card (on the right) below.

      Of note, I love the Kenley Jansen variation card below.  It shows Jansen holding a cricket bat that was originally given to Adrian Gonzalez in Australia prior to their Opening Series match-up with the Diamondbacks last season.  It was signed by Australian captain Michael Clarke.

      Base Variations

      #62 Kenley Jansen

      Blog Kiosk: 4/20/2015 - Dodger Links - Seager, Ryu and Jansen

      There sure has been a lot of celebrating for Dodger fans these days.  The vastness of the stadium has been filled with smiling Blue faces and there's a certain energy in the air that is inescapable.  This Dodger team just wants to win, and win they do.  They hit with the tenacity of a wolverine and pitch with the kind of finesse you witness when watching the Blue Angels streak through the skies. 

      It's like the Dodger team of 2015 is something out of a dream.  How else do you describe the offensive punch we've had in our own park. 
      "Not the pitcher's park I envisioned," said Brandon McCarthy in an article by Ken Gurnick at
      No kidding, Brandon!

      Contributions have been coming from all corners.  The bench is proving, so far, to be the best in the league.  The bullpen is markedly more effective.  Heck, the one stain might be the starting staff (strange considering that they've been a rock the past few season), still they've done more than enough to get the job done.  I can only hope that the good times continue, but I know this marathon of a season means we'll eventually hit a slog.  As AJ Ellis added (via the Gurnick article):
      "We're just banking wins right now. We know you go through rough patches and the wins get harder to get. This was a big homestand, because we had some come-from-behind wins, which we didn't do last year."
      Enjoy it while it's hot, but be ever mindful that it's likely to not always be this way. 

      The photo at the very top is via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2015Go here to check out more pics from him from Sunday.  Below are some links to check out:
      • Via Mark Saxon at, "Prospect Corey Seager's position switch could fast-track him to the majors."  He has just started playing a bit of third base in Tulsa.
      "Corey is an athlete. He can play anywhere on the diamond," (Gabe) Kapler responded via text. "In general, we want our men to think of themselves as baseball players rather than labeling themselves in any way. That said, Seager can unequivocally play shortstop and third base. He’s a pro. Exposure to multiple positions can only help our players."
      "I don't know when I'll be able to throw a bullpen. I've just been throwing outside on the field," Ryu said. "So far it's just making sure I have no pain. At this condition I probably could [throw a bullpen session] but I haven't thrown long toss yet."
      "Everything went well, I threw strikes and I feel great for the first time," he said. "They told me not to crank it up. So I was hitting that type of velocity holding off a little bit."

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