Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Let's Go For Five

Wow. What a turn of events. After going through a terrible road trip that saw us get swept by the Braves our boys in Blue have put together a nice string of victories. Since the Atlanta clubbing we have won 6 games out of the past 8 and find ourselves back at .500. We also find ourselves in the midst of our first winning streak of the season as many of our important pieces look like they are settling in.

Our relief pitching is getting back on track. Over the past 21 innings they have given up only 1 earned run. Our offense has been strong as they have scored 51 runs over the past 8 games (that's over 6 runs per game). Russell Martin has snapped out of his poor start by hitting .409 over the past 6 games.

As Joe Torre said,
"Now, we have to think of five over."
That's right. Saying four in a row is great, but staying well above .500 would be better. Nevertheless, these four wins in a row have been a nice thing to watch.

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