Thursday, September 03, 2020

Topps Project 2020 - Sandy Koufax by Grotesk - #230

The Sandy Koufax Grotesk Project 2020 card is now available through Topps and it follows a similar minimalist design he used for the Jackie Robinson card released just a couple of weeks back -- check out that card on the left.

Grotesk uses a pictograph of two persons holding up a portrait of the ballplayer -- while using a font resembling Hebrew writing. No doubt an homage to Sandy's Jewish heritage.

The graphic design itself is reminiscent of a poster you might see in a bus stop or train/subway station. It's approachable and simple, while at the same time emphasizes that this person is to be honored and respected.

Go here to check the Koufax card out and order the card from Topps online. A complete checklist of all the cards in the set can be found here. The reverse of the card is on the right. BTW, you can follow his twitter here: @groteskito; Instagram: @groteskito. His website is here: 

Below is a current Sandy Koufax checklist of Topps Project 2020 cards with their corresponding artist and print runs. This is the twelfth Koufax card creation to be released so far:

  • #2 -- Jacob Rochester -- (link here) 1,135 print run
  • #36 -- Oldmanalan -- (link here) 2,488 print run
  • #49 -- Andrew Thiel -- (link here) 2,149 print run
  • #79 -- Fucci -- (link here) 6,607 print run 
  • #89 -- Naturel -- (link here) 43,147 print run
  • #99 -- Tyson Beck -- (link here) 21,535 print run
  • #125 -- Joshua Vides -- (link here) 4,966 print run
  • #145 -- Ermsy -- (link here) 6,385 print run
  • #162 -- Keith Shore -- (link here) 4,009 print run
  • #181 -- King Saladeen -- (link here) 4,369 print run
  • #204 -- Sophia Chang -- (link here) 3,043 print run

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