Thursday, July 30, 2020

2020 Topps Project 2020 -- Sandy Koufax by King Saladeen -- #181

The newest Sandy Koufax Project 2020 card is now available, and it was created by Philadelphia artist Raheem “King Saladeen” Johnson.
"My inspiration comes from a place so deep within that the only way to express it is through art."
With a graffiti aesthetic he re-imagines Koufax's rookie card with splashes of script often seen on the streets of any major city in America. He then pays homage to the city that the Dodgers once called home, Brooklyn, then includes a LA Dodgers logo and hints of the American flag as a backdrop -- clearly drawing inspiration from a place that isn't too far from where he's from. Per Claude J. Easy at Kulture Hub:
I'm from the streets. I'm from the hood but just like a lot of people from the streets and the hood, we are recreating these big conglomerate companies. We are there ar the top of the mold. 
So, that's what I'm trying to so in the art game -- bringing what we grow up from and expressing that on canvass... I'm just trying to bring what this side of the world needs and the other side needs to see to make some type of a balance.
Go here to check his card out and order the card from Topps online. A complete checklist of all the cards in the set can be found here. The reverse of the card is on the right. You can also check out his website here: -- Instagram: @kingsaladeen -- Facebook: @kingsaladeen

Below is a current Sandy Koufax checklist of Topps Project 2020 cards with their corresponding artist and print runs. This is the tenth Koufax card creation to be released so far:
  • #2 -- Jacob Rochester -- (link here) 1,135 print run
  • #36 -- Oldmanalan -- (link here) 2,488 print run
  • #49 -- Andrew Thiel -- (link here) 2,149 print run
  • #79 -- Fucci -- (link here) 6,607 print run 
  • #89 -- Naturel -- (link here) 43,147 print run
  • #99 -- Tyson Beck -- (link here) 21,535 print run
  • #125 -- Joshua Vides -- (link here) 4,966 print run
  • #145 -- Ermsy -- (link here) 6,385 print run
  • #162 -- Keith Shore -- (link here) 4,009 print run

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