Friday, December 09, 2016

Welcome Back to the Blue, Alanna Rizzo!

We received word earlier this morning that the Dodgers have re-signed a trusted and important friend to Dodger fans everywhere (at least to fans who can watch the team on television).  Announced today, via a tweet from Alanna Rizzo, was the formal re-signing of Mrs. Rizzo to the Dodgers/SportsNet LA broadcasting team.

2016 Topps Transcendent - All the Dodgers Cards

The most expensive set/box of cards ever produced has now officially been released.  It is called 2016 Topps Transcendent and it features pure Baseball card gluttony.  With a suggested retail price of $25,000 per suitcase (as seen above), but available directly from Topps at $22,000 each (link here), it includes 55 limited edition autographed cards (three of which through a redemption -- including Corey Seager), a couple of unique complete sets, a "1 of 1" sketch card, and an exclusive invitation to a Topps 65th Anniversary Celebration in Las Vegas with NL MVP Kris Bryant.  Go here for more information.  Only 65 suitcases are available.  Also, check out this Blowout Buzz post featuring a suitcase/box break of this product (link here).

The jewel of this set is clearly the Vin Scully card.  This is Scully's 3rd autographed Topps Baseball card released this year.  Below are pics of the Dodger autographed cards that have been shared so far.  As stated above, Corey Seager is available only through a redemption card.  Also, it appears that there are two different Kenta Maeda autographed cards. 

Transcendent Collection Autographs

  • #TCA-CS Corey Seager  -- via redemption card
#TCA-CK Clayton Kershaw

Blog Kiosk: 12/9/2016 - Dodgers Links - Valentine, Urias, Turner and Sandy Koufax

Once upon a time, Sandy Koufax moonlighted as an actor.  He wasn't a particularly good one, mind you, but he did get quite a few Hollywood roles; especially after leading the Los Angeles Dodgers to a World Series Championship in 1959. Heck, he and many of his teammates suddenly became the toast of the town, and producers quickly came knocking on their doors.

(Koufax with Dorothy Provine)
Featured above is a vintage 1959 ABC promotional photograph that shows Sandy playing a cavalry officer named Johnny in the TV western Colt .45. (eBay Auction Link)  Koufax had a short scene in the episode, titled "Impasse", that resulted in his untimely death.  Jeff Katz, the Mayor of Cooperstown and lover of Baseball, writes on his blog:
Not a very lengthy role, Koufax dies in the opening scene, before the TV critics could get a handle on his acting chops. The quick-witted Koufax gave his own review, “I’ve gone out quicker in some games.” True before 1960, not so true after. The Brooklyn-born lefty was willing to give acting a go. Cognizant that it was his ball playing skills providing him with small screen opportunity, Sandy thought these small chances could lead to more. “I don’t know if I have any acting talent, but if anybody wants to take a chance it’s O.K. with me. If there’s a career for me in acting, fine. I want to go as far as my capabilities will carry me. At 23, I’ve got to think about what I’m going to do after leaving baseball.” He couldn’t imagine that day would come so quickly. For his role as Johnny, credited to “Sanford Koufax,” he was pleased that he didn’t “have to ride a horse, just die.”
On the right is another publicity photo that shows him with actress Dorothy Provine.

Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers History:  In 1981 the traded Jack Perconte and Rick Sutcliffe to the Indians for Jack Fimple, Jorge Orta and Larry White.  In 1992 the Dodgers signed free agent closer Todd Worrell.  In 2012 the Dodgers signed Hyun-Jin Ryu to a six-year, $36 million contract.
  • Happy Birthday, Joe Kelley, Enos Kirkpatrick, Juan Samuel, Mat Latos & Eric Stults!