Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Sterling Jackie Robinson's

The new 2009 Topps Sterling boxes are filled with even more Jackie Robinson goodness. Check them out below.
Above and below are booklet cards featuring multiple patches and bat (or stadium seat) pieces. The below card also has Roy Campanella.
I really the large vintage Dodger patch card below of Jackie.Below is the Jackie Robinson base card.

Blog Kiosk: 1/31/2010

  • Mark's Ephemera shares some Orel Hershiser cards he received recently.
  • Jackie Robinson Topps Tribute auto was pulled earlier this month. UPDATE: Ya know... the more I look at this autograph the more I questions its authenticity. Of course, that is just my opinion and I'm no expert, but I have seen a bunch of them in person and in auction catalogs from sellers I trust over the years. I don't know, maybe I'm getting oversensitive to the authenticity issie that seems to be in the forefront of todays hobby.)
  • eBay Fee Changes starting March 30th!
    No Insertion Fees for Auction-style listings when you list your item with a start price under $1—up to 100 listings per month. Pay only if your item sells.
  • Yup! A lawsuit is brewing between Upper Deck and MLB/Topps.
  • Nice find Wrigley Wax! He post a great cartoon found on the back of a 1955 Topps card. Little did they know that the Dodgers would win the World Championship later that year. I guess you can call that karma.
  • Tom Hoffarth writes a great post celebrating Ernie Harwell's birthday. Did you know he was the first broadcaster traded for a player when the Brooklyn Dodgers GM, Branch Rickey, traded a catcher for him. He then departed for the Giants broadcasting booth which led to an opening for Vin Scully in Brooklyn.
  • Check out this great interview Sports Locker did with the John Evers about the Merkle Ball.
  • Topps has teamed up with LTL Prints to make large wall graphics (similar to Fatheads) that include Garbage Pail Kids. Imagine a 7ft. image like the one below on your wall.
  • No more 5-second rule- it is now a 30-second rule. (Hat Tip: Dodger Thoughts)
    The results prove, according Goettsche and Moin, that you can wait at least 30 seconds to pick up wet foods and more than a minute to pick up dry foods before they become contaminated with bacteria.
  • Mario Lemieux has offered to buy the Pirates.
  • How to report the news.