Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Welcome to the Blue, Rowan Kavner!

As you certainly know, trusted longtime Dodger writer/blogger Jon Weisman recently left his position with the Dodgers as their lead writer and editor of their print and online publications.  He had previously spent many years writing and covering the team on his blog, Dodger Thoughts, and now moves on to another chapter in his career.  In his place will be former Clippers reporter Rowan Kavner.

Congrats, Rowan!

2017 Topps MLB Stickers - All the Dodgers Stickers

Along with the Heritage Baseball card brand Topps also released their MLB Stickers to the collecting public.  Check out the sticker album featuring Mike Trout above.  Go here for a complete checklist.

There are nine Dodger players available and a Dodger logo team card shared with the Angels.  As always, there are no short prints, variations, inserts, relics or autographs.  This is just an honest product that doesn't try to bait you with any bells or whistles.  What you see is what you get.

#166 Dodgers Team Card           #212 Clayton Kershaw

Blog Kiosk: 3/8/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Spring Odds and Ends

Clayton Kershaw is so good he even dominates during spring training.  So far he has thrown in three games, pitched a total of six innings and has allowed no hits.  Sure, I get that these games don't really count, but you gotta love the results.  Per Ken Gurnick at
"To see him work both sides of the plate with his fastball, that was good to see," said manager Dave Roberts, who noticed that Kershaw pitched out of the stretch to the final batter he faced with nobody on base, just for practice. "Even when he's not right from pitch to pitch, he expects perfection. That's the competitor that is Clayton. We all have expectations, but none higher than himself."
Kershaw adds:
"I feel good physically and feel like the ball is coming out OK, so I think I'm where I need to be," said Kershaw, who walked the first batter he faced on a 3-2 pitch. "Results really don't matter, but I guess it's good to see how hitters react to certain pitches, and if you're not giving up hits, that's a good thing."
Photo at the very top via @Dodgers on twitter.  Below are more links to check out: