Thursday, September 01, 2011

Casey Blake to Have Surgery

Earlier today we received word that Casey Blake will be having season ending surgery next week.

From Chris Adamski at MLB.

Blake, the Dodgers' third baseman when healthy, has been bothered by a pinched nerve in his neck all season. The pain didn't completely go away through three disabled-list stints, but Blake kept on playing.

Until now. The veteran did not make the trip with the team to Pittsburgh for the makeup game Thursday, and he will undergo surgery next week, ending his season.

"The whole idea is that this will give him the best chance to give it a run (at Spring Training next year)," Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said. "He told me [Wednesday] -- we all knew it was his last day -- that he felt like a dog that was going to the vet. You put him in a car and he's kind of like, 'Hey I'm going to the vet. I'm in the car.' And then you get to the vet and you get sleepy, get tired. So I thought that was a good analogy."
I've always liked Blake and hope he can fully recover to play another day.

(Photo Credit: LA Dodgers Jon Soohoo)

Burke Offers $1.2Billion for Dodgers

Yes, Please let this happen sooner than later. Just about anyone is better than the McCourts. Via Bill Skaikin of the LA Times we learn that Bill Burke has offered $1,200,000,000.00 for the Dodgers.
The bid terms proposed by the Burke group call for an all-cash payment to buy the Dodgers, all real estate related to the team and the team's media rights, according to the letter. Attorneys for McCourt have said he could try to keep Dodger Stadium and the surrounding parking lots even if he sold the team.

The bid would expire in 21 days, according to the letter, with the goal of closing a deal within 90 days, subject to the approvals of the bankruptcy court and Major League Baseball.
It sounds like a Letter of Intent was submitted with a drop dead date 3 weeks out. This is certainly not a firm expiration date, nor does it appear that it was an offer filled with specifics. Still, this offer would probably work as a guideline for future negotiations towards a mutually acceptable agreement.

Check out a fairly detailed biography of Bill Burke at the South Coast Air Quality Management District. He is currently the Governing Board Chairman, and more importantly is a local guy with strong ties throughout the community.

UPDATE: From what I read from the Times article, the Chinese connection is related to the financing of the deal. I do not get the impression, at all, that Burke is a front for Chinese investors. In fact, the article states
"the letter did not specify who would finance the Burke bid, other than to say the money would come from "certain state-owned investment institutions of the People's Republic of China" as well as unidentified American investors"
So, a foreign bank (think a Chinese version of Goldman Sachs) would provide the debt, but not necessarily control the team.

Blog Kiosk: 9/1/2011

I want to that thank everybody who participated in the Beatles CD giveaway contest. To all the winners, I just mailed them all out and included some cards that I hope will fill out your collections. There was one exception, though. The winner of the Magical Mystery Tour CD has not contacted me yet and I have no way of contacting her. If you happen to know who "Kimberly B" is please have her contact me. If a week passes I will run another drawing to give it away.
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  • The Kings are officially changing their team colors back to the Gretzky era. It's now Black, White and Silver. Check out the ensemble of uniforms for this coming season.
  • If your going to the Kings Hockeyfest on September 11th then be sure to check out the schedule of events at King's Court.
  • This is way off topic, but I thought it was too good not to link to. "Most You Have No Idea What Martin Luther King Actually Did" by Hamden Rice.
  • This is really screwed up. Check out Chris Olds from Beckett as he shows you a retail blaster box that has been opened by an unscrupulous collector, resealed with worthless cards and returned to the store (like Target or Walmart). There's a special place in hell for folks that do this.

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eBay: Vintage Dodgers Food Tray

Here is a vintage Dodger food tray very different from the tray I ran into earlier this year. Instead of having drawings of Dodger players from 1962 on it has a more generic Baseball scene. Also, LA Dodgers is emblazoned above. It is made of fiberglass and has a "Traymold, El Monte, Calif." makers mark on the reverse.

This tray is certainly unique and is a first for me. I would be willing to bet it would look great with some autographs on it. It recently sold on eBay for $22.49.

The Sounds of the Dodgers: Dodger Stadium Sung by Wills, Davis and Kaye

I've seen this record a number of times over the years on eBay, and have always wanted to hear some of the recordings. Unfortunately, a lack of a record player always caused me pause when considering buying it. I would think, "if I bought it, how would I hear it?"

Well, thanks to the wonder of YouTube and an incredible record collection belonging to boyjohn my wish has been granted. I can enjoy the tunes of this 1963 recording without having to scramble to find a record player.

Over the next several days I will put up one recording each day (there are 7 total), so stay tuned. Below, is a catchy tune called Dodger Stadium. It is sung by Maury Wills, Willie Davis and Stubby Kaye.

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