Saturday, September 25, 2010

Allen & Ginter Poster

I thought some of you Topps Allen & Ginter collectors might get a kick out of this auction item. Up for grabs right now at Brockelman and Luckey Auctions is a very rare N28 Allen & Ginter 1888 advertising poster. This poster was hung in store windows to drive sales of their cigarettes and features all 50 cards from the card set put into packs. Considered one of the finest chromolithography posters ever produced less than 10 of these are known to still exist in any condition.
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Have You Seen This Dodger Tray Before?

From time to time I'll get an email from a collector wondering about an item they have that they know nothing about. A couple of weeks ago was one of those times, and I have to admit that I'm stumped.

What we have here is purported to be a Dodger lunch tray given out during an Opening Day Lunch event at the Coliseum in the late 50's. It was called an Opening Day Picnic. Fans could have lunch on the large outfield grass (I'm assuming beyond the right field fence) catered by the team. The emailer said the original owner was served steak and salad set atop the above lunch tray with some notable Dodgers drawn on it.

If you happen to now anything about this event please let me know. I'd love to know more.

On the tray are face shots of Johnny Podres, Don Drysdale, Maury Wills, John Roseboro, Duke Snider, Wally Moon, Sandy Koufax, and two players on the bottom right who I can't exactly place. Maybe Charlie Neal and ?

UPDATE: Check out my post clearing up the origins of this Dodger Tray, here.