Saturday, February 08, 2014

Welcome to the Blue, Paul Maholm!

There had been rampant talk all morning about a possible new Dodger signing.

So, who was it, you ask?

Well, it had been reported by various sources on twitter that left-handed starting pitcher Paul Maholm was seen scurrying about in the Dodgers clubhouse.  Ken Gurnick of noted that he already had a locker in the Dodgers Spring clubhouse, and Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times reported that Paul was having a physical performed.  Now, we get word from Jim Bowden at ESPN that it is official.  Maholm is a Dodger.

The signing has also been confirmed by Jon Wesiman at the Dodgers official blog, Dodger Insider.

Paul Maholm signed a very affordable deal, and is slated to be the Dodgers #5 starter for the upcoming season.  He turns 32-years old in June, and is just one season removed from one of his best years.  In 2012, Maholm went 13-11 with a 3.67 ERA (ERA+ 111) in 31 starts for the Braves and Cubs.  That year, he recorded a WHIP average of 1.222, 6.7 strike outs per 9 innings and 2.64 strike out to walk ratio. 

BTW, you can follow Paul Maholm on twitter at @paul_maholm, and he has already said a hello on social media.

So, what kind of pitcher is he?  What does he throw?  Fortunately, Brooks Baseball has a brief report on him.
In 2013, he has relied primarily on his Sinker (87mph), also mixing in a Change (80mph), Cutter (83mph), Fourseam Fastball (88mph), Slider (79mph) and Curve (72mph). He also rarely throws a Slow Curve (63mph).
The fantasy card I made at the very top uses the 1968 Topps Baseball vintage design and a photo from Braves Photo Day 2013 during Spring Training (Source: J. Meric/Getty Images North America).

Below are his career statistics, via Baseball Reference:

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  • Shawn Anderson at The Hall of Very Good interviews actor Lew Temple (one of the prisoners from Walking Dead); who happened to also be a former Assistant Director of Minor League Operations and Scouting for the Houston Astros.  I kid you not.
I was actually let go by the Astros, none other than the great Bob "the Bull" Watson, who was the GM at the time. He told me that in his observation there was another passion that I should pay attention to outside of baseball. Acting. He said if he did not let me go from my contract with the Astros, I might never pursue it. So I really have Bob Watson to thank, as do the fans. Thanks “Bull”. 

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