Monday, February 07, 2011

Follow The Dodgers

With Spring around the corner and the new Baseball season upon us I suddenly felt the desire to listen to that old Brooklyn Dodger fight song played by organist Gladys Goodding that I had written about last year. It is called "Follow the Dodgers." Unfortunately, the link I had in my original post to a recording is now defunct so I crossed my fingers in hope that some benevolent fan had put it up on YouTube. To my joy and surprise, someone had. Check it out below and sing along. A great amount of thanks to drakghoulie for putting it up.

YouTube Link:

Kershaw Sparkles Too

Another Dodger has a short printed sparkle variation in 2011 Topps Baseball cards- Clayton Kershaw. (Ethier has the other) This one is really hard to see so it can easily be missed. Check out the photo above. On the left is the normal card and to the right is the sparkle variation. I don't blame you if you can't see it. Click on the photo for a more detailed view.

The Diamond Sparkle is located on a shirt button just below the Los Angeles script. A couple Kershaw's have already traded on eBay at prices ranging from $25.00 to $45.00 a piece. It remains to been soon how scarce they are, but I've heard that they are showing up at a rate of just one a case.

2011 Topps: Dodger Base Cards

Here are the Dodger base cards within the 2011 Topps Series 1 set. As always various parallel cards exist- from black borders to Diamond. Also of special note are the legends short printed base cards that has a legend share a card number with a current ballplayer. Both Jackie and Campanella are a part of this short printed set.

Ted Lilly, #36

Take note of this particular card below. It is a limited variation that can be hard to spot if not paying attention. On the top left corner is the old-school Topps logo.

Vicente Padilla, #37

Hong-Chih Kuo, #46

Russell Martin, #114
Casey Blake, #158

Andre Ethier, #240
Clayton Kershaw, #275
James Loney, #305

Of all the different parallel cards found in this card set I never imagined myself liking this one. Below is the Diamond variation of Kershaw. Something tells me a complete set of these in pocket-pages would just look glorious.
Here are the Legend short print cards of Dodgers below. The Jackie shares a card number with Desmond Jennings and the Campy shares the card number with former Dodger catching prospect Carlos Santana. It appears the player they share a number with compares favorable with one another. For instance, Ty Cobb shares a card number with Ichiro, Schmidt with ARod, Walter Johnson with Roy Halladay, etc.

Jackie Robinson, #80

Roy Campanella, #209