Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Willard Mullin Cartoon: WWII

Willard Mullin is known around these parts for his fantastic sports cartoons. He invented the Brooklyn "Bum" and is generally regarded as the greatest sports-cartoon editorialist to ever be. That being said, he has been known, on a rare occasion, to dip his pen into the realm of news/ current events. SCGaynor has an example of this kind of work on eBay.

Obviously, it's hard to take the sport out of his drawings entirely. Here, Mullin draws about the inevitable end of World War II as the umpire lets the batter (Japanese Prime Minister Tojo) know that he now has two strikes against him. Keep in mind that this was drawn the day after the second atomic bomb had fallen on Nagasaki.

Of special note: It had been originally drawn for Irwin Hasen, who was a cartoonist for DC Comics. He had worked on the Green Lantern and created the character Wildcat. During WWII he edited a military newspaper called the Fort Dix Post.
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eBay 1966 Dodgers vs. Orioles World Series Megaphone

Since the World Series is here this eBay auction is very timely. It is from 1966 and was, if I'm not mistaken, a stadium give-away during the World Series against the Dodgers.

Auto Collection: Green Monikers

The other day I shared 2004 Donruss Leaf Monikers insert autographed card of Maury Wills. Well, here is a Shawn Green to go with it. It is numbered 6 out of 10.