Saturday, December 04, 2010

Let It Grow, Davey

With Davey Lopes rejoining the ranks of Dodger Nation I thought this vintage print found on eBay would be appropriate. It is a 1975 Linnett Portrait drawn by Charles Linnett of Walpole, Mass. These were available originally in various retail stores (possibly at Dodger Stadium) and sometimes given away at games as a promotional "Portrait Day". I am unsure if the Dodgers did the latter.

As you can see, it shows Davey with not only a full head of hair, but also a nice thick afro to boot. I say, "Davey, grow it back!" Of course, Lopes in 1975 was only 30 years old so this request may be a little difficult for him to accomplish today.

Missing Dodger Stadium?

As the winter months drag on we are left with a loss only a Baseball fan can understand. The sounds of an unsettled crowd, the ping of a batted ball, along with the aroma of freshly cut grass, are absent. There are no chants. There is no wave. We cannot wax poetically about a bouncing beach ball. The muse, whose voice still resonates throughout our city, lays in wait for warmer weather. Alas, we are left in a kind of limbo as we trudge through the freeze waiting for the Spring season to begin.

To help ease your mind and mine a fellow fan named Isaac Goeckeritz put together a great little short film about a summer evening at Dodger Stadium that I think will surely help.

YouTube Link: IsaacGoeckeritz: