Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In Honor of Mel Blanc!

UPDATE: "What a Moroon!"   I apologize, I'm a big idiot!  July 10th was the anniversary of Mel Blanc's Death.  I'll leave the body of the original post as it was. 

The voice of many Warner Brothers cartoon icons, Mel Blanc, would have been 105 today.  He was a giant hero to me, as well as many kids throughout the world.  After all, who else could convey the wackiness of Daffy Duck, and the grouchy nature of Yosemite Sam?

Do you know which character he is most famous for?

Mel Blanc was the man behind Bugs Bunny, and it is this lovable wild hare that causes me to write this post.  You see, Bugs Bunny was born a Brooklyn Dodger, and the man who made him who he is deserves a huge shout out. 

So, Happy Birthday Mel Blanc!

BTW, I thought I'd add a bit more information about our favorite rabbit.  As the story goes, Bugs Bunny was born underneath Ebbets Field in the middle of summer in 1940, which explains his unmistakable Brooklyn/ Flatbush accent.

Pic at the very top via Wikipedia Commons.

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  1. Don't mean to be "a stinker, Doc" and you really can't get too much Mel Blanc but I think this is the anniversary of his death, 14 years ago. I've got his birthday as May 30,

    "That's all, folks."

    1. I should now better than to try to write something while watching a ballgame-

    2. "What a Maroon!"
      Seriously though, no big deal, birthdays are obviously my thing.

    3. ya know, I wish I thought of using that phrase. In fact, I'm gonna steal it right now and put it in the post. I do feel like a maroon! Ha

  2. lol I just caught that after googling Mel Blanc. Reminded me of my favorite episode "baseball Bugs" thanks

    1. Speaking of Baseball Bugs. You can watch the whole thing here:
      From my understanding, the cartoon is now in the public domain.

  3. For the Dodgers doll... I had one about was a Steve Garvey doll.


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