Sunday, September 04, 2011

Daily Conlon: 253 through 261

Here are todays Daily Conlon cards numbered 253 through 261, and it features former Dodger Freddie Fitzsimmons on the bottom row, at center. The card highlights him as having the fourth highest winning percentage all-time for a season. Strangely, he achieved this feat as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1940 by going 16-2, but is pictured wearing the hated uniform of the New York Giants. What's up with that? Click on any of the pic to embiggen.

Blog Kiosk: 9/4/2011

OK, that's adorable. A Dodgers pillow pet. Where can I get one for my nephew? (pic Link: jaydeemariee_)
  • China Jumps the Shark- Offers $1.2 Billion for Los Angeles Dodgers, via Forbes.
  • LFP does it again with some great fantasy cards of Sandy Koufax in 1968 and 1972 Topps designs.
  • Sax at SOSG provides an inside look inside the Dodgers clubhouse.
  • Architecture Daily takes a look at the Dodgers Spring Training facility at Camelback Ranch.
  • Rivera's Production Has the Dodgers Thinking Big, via Ken Gurnick at MLB.
    "With Juan, and James [Loney] swinging the bat, it's been a total transformation of the team. That tells you what one bat can do. A solid bat is something we've got to have or we'll be right back where we were. You get that and it's like dominoes. Depending on what you get, the dominoes fall."
  • To Dodgers, Bankruptcy Incurs Cost by the Hours, via Richard Sandomir at NY Times.
    Paying for bankruptcy lawyers is not cheap, as the Dodgers owner Frank McCourt is learning. Last year, when the Texas Rangers filed for bankruptcy, Weil Gotshal & Manges sought nearly $5.2 million in fees and expenses for 81 days of work. The court authorized payment of $4.5 million.
  • Watch Matt Kemp talk about 30/30.

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Can Johnny Come Out?

One of the best things about being a Baseball collector is the large variety of cards and memorabilia items you can add to your collection. You can focus on something common like Baseball cards, autographs or pins. But, for the more adventurous you can focus on items more obscure. Here is a great example.

This is a vintage, circa 1907, comic themed postcard that is Baseball themed yet makes light of a challenge I'm sure we all faced as kids. How can we convince Mom to let us out and play? Check it out above.

A collectible like this can be purchased at a very affordable price. In this case, for under $5.00.

(eBay Auction Link)

The Sounds of the Dodgers: Soliloquoy of a Dodger Fan

Here is a great ditty called "Soliloquoy of a Dodger Fan" sung by Stubby Kaye. It is from the 1963 LP The Sounds of the Dodgers.

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