Thursday, June 20, 2013

Check Out the Dodger Dog Vending Machine Created by American Restoration

Last week, I gave notice regarding an upcoming episode of American Restoration that would feature Rick Dale transforming a 1950's era Coca Cola cooler into a Dodger themed Dodger Dog vendor machine.  Well, that show ran this past Tuesday, and it was fun to watch.  Considering the evenings Dodger/Yankees game had been postponed that night, it was nice to get my Dodger fix for the day. 

Well, as a follow up I received some great pics from the show.  So, check them out.

As you can see, Tommy Lasorda was there to inspect it.  Ron Cey and Paul LoDuca also came out to give their approval. 

I must say, that thing looks cool.  If you want to see it in person all you have to do is head down to the San Manuel Casino in San Bernardino.  I've been told it's there.  If you missed the episode when it ran you can view it online right here.  You will have to sign in through your cable provider.

BTW, in the photo below the gentleman in the suit is Steven Reyes Steve Lengel, the Executive Director of Operations for San Manuel Casino, and the guy in the red polo shirt is Joe Perez of Farmer John.  All photos are Courtesy of Leftfield.

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  1. And I thought I was the only guy who watched that show to get my "Dodgers" fix.

    That Dodger Dog stand DOES look cool.

  2. The Dodger dogs are DELISH! And affordable!

  3. I saw the show when it got .so now I wanna go to San Manuel to try the dodgers dogs.

  4. Does anyone know how much it cost to build?

  5. Don't know how much it cost to build. But what I do know is that machine was donated to a non profit organization to benefit U.S. Veterans. It is up for sale or $3500.


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