Saturday, July 24, 2010

Loney Power

James joins in on the fun.

Living Through the Photos of Others: Comic-Con Baby!

Comic-Con San Diego is in full swing as pics slowly start to trickle in online. Check out what I've found so far.

For a full slate of photos check out what Fox5 San Diego has to offer on flickr. They've got celebrities, super heroes, monsters & aliens, and a great set of pics filled with the babes of Comic-con.

If your just looking for the photos of the fairer sex then check out this pool featuring only the ladies of comic-con.

Diegourias has even more pics of the show here.
(pic link: flickr: diegourias)

Here are 2 different sets from valincourt 1 & 2. Ryan G. Biv has some right here.

(pic link: flickr: valincourt)

Campanella Enjoyed 1955

Roy Campanella had a year many ballplayers can only dream of. In 1955 Roy Campanella won the MVP award while helping to steer the Brooklyn Dodgers towards their first World Series championship. In the below AP press photo found on eBay he shows his delight as he reminisces about the past season with his MVP award, game bat and ball from that magical year.