Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2015 Topps Archives Signature - Many of the Signed Dodger Cards

Since I've been clearly obsessed with tracking and cataloging all of the modern era Dodger cards in existence I decided to do my best with Topps newest product - 2015 Topps Archives Signature.  Daunting, I know.  Go here for a checklist of players who signed.  For those who don't know, this product includes only signed buyback cards.

As you'll recall, last week I declared an Andruw Jones autograph Dodger card as this years worst (link here), and now you'll discover that there's at least another one to hate.

As for what to love, you should check out the handful of 1980's Topps created retail box sets that have been signed.  Both Steve Garvey and Fernando Valenzuela signed a handful of their 1987 K-Mart cards.  There is also a 1981 Drake's cakes card signed by Garvey - which is absolutely awesome!  Drake's cards disappeared into the dustbin of history many moons ago, so it's nice that they make a little comeback here.  They were one of my favorites as a kid.  Also note that I included the 1973 Frank Robinson Topps card on this list since this issue clearly shows him in a poorly photoshopped Dodger uniform. 

Both Nomar Garciaparra and Greg Maddux are available only as redemptions, so we don't yet know if they signed any Dodger cards for this product.  Also, Fred McGriff has signed some cards, but I have yet to see him in Blue. 

No doubt, this listing is far from complete.  There are likely to be many "1 of 1's" and other scarcer issues out there yet to be discovered.  If you see something not on this list please let me know. 

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Blog Kiosk: 12/15/2015 - Dodger Links - Pitchers & Catchers Report on Feb 19th

Above is another fantastic vintage Charles Conlon original photograph of a World Series bound Brooklyn Robin/Dodger in 1920 from RMY Auctions.  It sold for $65.  It features speedy centerfielder Henry Harrison "Hi" Myers as he takes a practice swing.  Myers had a fantastic 1920 season to lead Brooklyn towards a pennant.  He slashed an impressive .304/.345/.462/.807 while leading the league with 22 triples. 

To learn more about Hy Myers you should check out an excellent SABR biography by Norman Macht here.  He relays one fantastic story that is almost too good to be real.

After the 1916 Baseball season Myer's decided to bluff Dodger owner Charles Ebbets by claiming that he could not possibly continue playing at his current meager pay-rate since he was doing far too well at his farm in Ohio.  So, Ebbets decided to come out to Ohio to negotiate personally.  Since Myers farm was far from prosperous he borrowed livestock from his wealthier neighbors to fool his boss.  The ruse worked.  Ebbets, seeing a hearty collection of cattle and horses, gave Hi Myers everything he wanted.

Below are more links to check out:
  • It's now official.  Dodgers "Pitchers and Catchers" are set to report on February 19th.  Alanna Rizzo reports the entire schedule on twitter below:

For Kershaw, this will be another part of the map where he has done humanitarian work. Most noteworthy have been his trips to Africa with his nonprofit Kershaw’s Challenge where he helped build a children’s home that provides health, educational and social resources in Zambia. Kershaw went to the Dominican Republic last offseason and Kershaw’s Challenge has worked to fund 100 surgeries, medical equipment and staffing at CURE Dominican Republic, a children’s hospital in Santa Domingo.
  • As for Puig, he'll be going to Cuba as the domestic probe continues.  Although, it appears there is no evidence that he ever struck his sister.  Via Bill Shaikin at the LA Times, "Yasiel Puig to join MLB Cuba tour as domestic violence probe continues."
At this point, MLB investigators have found no evidence to support the claim that Puig hit his sister during an incident at a Miami bar last month, according to a person familiar with the probe but not authorized to discuss it publicly. However, the person said, because the investigation has not concluded, the league is not in a position to clear Puig publicly before the Cuba tour begins Tuesday.

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