Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Possibly the Worst Dodger Card of 2015

Why is Topps doing this to me?  Don't they realize that the last thing a Dodger fan wants to be reminded of is Andruw Jones?

Featured above is one of the first cards found on eBay from a new Topps product called 2015 Topps Archives Signature.  It is a 2012 Topps buyback card of the NL Active Home Run Leaders and it has been signed by Andruw Jones in a Dodger uniform.  Ugh!

As you may recall, Jones came to the team with much fanfare.  He was coming off one of the worst seasons in his career; having hit just .222 as a Brave.  Still, he got on base at a healthy clip, hit for power and was young enough to get past his recent struggles.  So the two-year $36.2 million deal seemed like a great gamble.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a contract we all came to hate.  Andruw Jones slashed a pathetic .158/.256/.249/.505, and smiled all the way to the bank.  By the next season he was sent packing to the Rangers with the Dodgers paying $21.4 million of his remaining contract.

As for the card above it is a "1 of 1" signed card, so you won't be seeing it in another box (thankfully).  On top of that, I still find it strange that Topps chose to use a photo of Jones in Dodger Blue when he hadn't been with the team for almost four years by the time of its original release.  Wouldn't a pic with him as a Brave be more appropriate for that card?

Anyway, the product will cost you about $50 a box, and you get one encased buyback card that has been signed by a retired player on-card.  It is very similar to the 2004 Topps Originals Signature product (one of my favorites).  Go here for a player checklist.  Other possible Dodgers' found within include Shawn Green, Sandy Koufax, Mike Piazza.  I'll do my best to checklist all of the Dodger cards available, but I suspect I'll miss a few here or there.

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