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Blog Kiosk: 12/9/2015 - Dodger Links - Don't Believe the Hype

"Jumbo" Jim Elliot was a large man.  He stood 6' 3" and weight an hefty 235 lbs during his playing days, but that hamper his abilities.  Over a ten year Major League career he proved to be durable and reliable on the mound.  The left-hander even lead the league in wins one season as a member of the Phillies in 1931.  In the photo above, dated to 1927, he was only 26-years old and just on the cusp of a playing career.  Elliot would spend five season in Brooklyn and record 26 wins with a 3.89 ERA over 608.1 innings.

The above photo was taken by the great Charles Conlon and recently sold at an RMY Auction for $27.  Below are more links to check out:
  • I hate having to say this every time the silly season comes around, but you should take everything you hear and read (especially related to Jose Fernandez stuff) with a grain of salt.  Think of it like high school.  How much of the gossip you heard back was actually true?

“As far as the policy, you know, as awful as this situation is, there are still rights that have to be protected, and so we're very careful in making sure that we respect that and get all the information and then we will proceed accordingly.”
“Everything is factored in when you make personnel decisions,” Friedman said. “Even when I was with the Rays, we put a tremendous amount of work in with guys. You go into any decision with your eyes wide open and constantly talk through things. You look at the pros and cons and see what makes the most sense.”

Hopkins is from Des Moines, Wash, which is near Seattle. She played softball at Central Washington University before graduating and moving into a front office position with the Mariners last season. The Mariners obviously liked what she brought to the table. During the fall, they decided to sponsor Hopkins so she could attend the Major League Scouting Bureau developmental program. She made a strong impression there as well, or at least a good enough impression that the Mariners are comfortable putting her right into scouting field.

“She has it in her blood,” Mariners amateur scouting director Tom McNamara was quoted as saying by Baseball America. “She has good instincts and feel for scouting.”
  • This is interesting.  Here's a listing of the all "The Highest Paid Athlete from Every State," via Matt Shirley at Playboy (SFW, but a playboy link).  Two Dodger players are on the list; Ethier in Arizona and Kershaw in Texas.  Also, Vermont apparently has no current professional athletes.

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