Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New Auction House

I consider this post my first step in rewarding good behavior. After all, SCD recently stopped accepting advertisements from Coach's Corner and this step deserves some recognition. Now, I'm not advocating that you should be less weary in your search for Baseball memorabilia through them, but you can feel a little bit better about SCD. In turn, you can also feel a little better about its parents other recently launched ventures like and its brand new auction house run by Krause Publications.

So, I bring to you some choice items from's soon to be closing auction.

The Brooklyn faithful really loved their Dodgers. So much so, it was not unusual for the fans to bring cakes and presents to Dodger players and staff on their birthdays. Below, coach Charlie Dressen is enjoying his birthday cake with the help of Pee Wee Reese, Jackie Robinson, Billy Cox and Bob Milliken. This is a press wire photo that dates to 9/20/1953.

Here is another press photo featuring a dapper Roy Campanella welcoming Pee Wee Reese and his family to Spring Training. It is date stamped at April 5, 1954 and is a International News Photo.

There is nothing like peering through a vintage autograph book to see who you might find. In this auction lot we see a well used autograph book, circa 1955, with many autographs of New York and its surrounding boroughs greatest players. Below is Don Newcombe.
Al Dark of the NY Giants has signed a pic of him playing some night Baseball as a deep thinking and reflective Billy Cox sits on the bench.

This framed 1974 TCMA Brooklyn Dodgers Greats set is nice. Having almost the entire set autographed is nicer. There are 22 total signatures that feature everyone from Pee Wee Reese, Snider and Erskine to Cal Abrams and Jim Hughes. Unfortunately, the Campanella is a stamped auto, but I wouldn't fret. This would look great in any one's collection room.

Lelands: Drawings and Paintings

The Lelands Auction recently closed so I though I would highlight some additional items that I found really exceptional. In this post I show various paintings and drawing worth a good long look.

Below is a painting by Arthur K. Miller of Jackie Robinson.

Here a painting of a reflective Hank Greenberg by Arthur K. Miller.

Arthur K. Miller captures Willie Mays swinging.

A mysterious Joe Jackson done by Arthur K. Miller. It is titled "Shoeless Joe and Black Betsy."

Yogi Berra reaching for the tag at home was wonderfully done in a giclee on canvas print by Steve Holland.

This Gauche on board painting done by Mike Schacht.

Here a couple of original Virgil Ross drawings done in the 1990's of Bugs Bunny.