Monday, July 06, 2020

2020 Topps Project 2020 -- Sandy Koufax by Ermsy -- #145

This Koufax card is wild.

The eighth Sandy Koufax Project 2020 card is now available and it was created by Paris based graffiti artist and graphic designer Ermsy. His work often re-imagines and deconstructs pop imagery and cartoon characters. Per Zio at The Hundreds:
“I love pop culture,” Ermsy explains, “and I love exploring it.” His graphic exploration of pop culture uses popular cartoons in the same way that graffiti writers use letters. “Using well-known characters provides me with a base point, a frame to work within,” he explains. “With graffiti, the idea is to pick some letters from the alphabet, then go crazy with them or do whatever you want. Everybody starts with the same base point, and that’s graffiti. My starting point is to use characters in my artwork.” From there, Ermsy transports the characters from their familiar cartoon universes and into his own topsy-turvy and smoke-filled world.