Thursday, September 02, 2010

The San Jose Sharks Mascot, Sharkie, Can't Throw

Several weeks ago on August 12th in San Francisco (following a Giants versus Cubs game) Comcast network held a special Authentic Postgame BBQ. On hand were a couple of Giants players, announcers and a San Jose Sharks winger Joe Pavelski. Also in attendance was San Jose Sharks mascot Sharkie.

The highlight of the event was not the athletes or the food. It must have been this typical carnival game that could only make a Giant fan smile. They had a "Dunk a Dodger" booth. Check out the video below of Sharkie doing his damnedest to throw a strike, but alas, he fails in the end. That shark can't throw. Even funnier, though, is that if you listen closely you can hear the designated Dodger scream, "you throw like a fish!"

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Vintage Spokesman: Dixie Walker

I always marvel at vintage photographs throughout America showing men of all ages wearing those fancy hats. It makes me wonder why did it stop? Was there something in our history or culture that made everybody change this fashion trend?

Anyway, below, former Brooklyn Dodger Dixie Walker lent his name and image to a manufacturer of those hats- Champ' Hats. It is from 1947 and includes a great little cartoon created by Willard Mullin. Click the pic below to enlarge it.
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