Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's Official!

Well... now we have a new manager. Joe Torre has joined the team of his youth. The Brooklyn born captain will now try to steer this wayward ship towards port. Take us home Joe! Take us home towards the promised land!

Welcome to the Blue, Joe!

Aren't you glad you don't have deal with a shifty owner? That Steinbrenner sure was a pain in the ass, eh. Oh wait, we have the McCourt's.

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No Way

You won't believe this. In the Topps 2007 Update boxes they have created a short printed insert card for a squirrel. Yes, a squirrel! Not any squirrel, mind you, but the famous squirrel Poley Walnuts.

They'll make a card for just about anyone. eBay Auction Link:

BP's 2007 Internet Baseball Awards

Baseball Prospectus just released their 16th annual 2007 Internet Baseball Awards. Over 1,400 fans participated in online voting. As you might have expected no Dodger made the top of the list, but we do have some notables worth mentioning.

Brad Penny had his best year as a Dodger. He won 16 games with only 4 losses, and his ERA was at 3.03. He ended up third on BP's NL Cy Young voting. Takashi Saito was the highest ranking reliever at #12 as he continued to impress the league with a 1.40 ERA, 39 saves and 78 strike outs versus only 13 walks in 64 innings.

In Rookie of the Year voting James Loney came in at 7th place. If given a chance to play all year he could very well have won this race. He hit .331 with 67 RBI's and 15 homeruns in just 344 at-bats. He has solidified his position as the Dodgers first baseman of the future, and, I suspect, will only get better. I believe several Gold Gloves and batting titles will follow this young man.

In spite of the recent turmoil currently embroiling management we have a lot to look forward to. All three gentleman above will be in Blue next season and, hopefully, for much longer than that.

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