Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mastro Auctions: Hands Up!

Mastro has put up a great collection of hands that once ruled the Baseball world in their most recent auction. If you've been a long time reader of this blog you'll remember the remarkable photo of Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown's hand Mastro sold last year. Well, Mastro has decided to step it up. They now have 19 auctions featuring Baseball grips and palms.
Above, Chief Bender shows of his pitch.
Christy Mathewson's right hand helped win a World Series for the Giants in 1905. (above)
Above is the hand of Eddie Plank gripping a Basball.
Slugger Frank "Home Run" Baker put fear into minds of Major League pitchers with his hands. (above)
The great Satchel Paige shows off his screwball above.

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eBay: Rare 1908-1909 Brooklyn Superbas Rose Company Postcard

This is one of my favorite vintage Baseball postcards. It is a 1908-1909 Rose Company Postcard of Baseball players. There are 196 total cards in the set, and I would be surprised if a complete set existed in any collection. Brooklyn Superbas/ Dodger pitcher Harry McIntire is featured in this auction. Unfortunately, I don't have one in my collection, and by the looks of it, I might not be adding one for a long time. It sold for $306.99 in poor condition. I can't imagine what a card in mint condition would sell for.

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$1 Million Offer for Bonds Homerun Ball is Now Rescinded

Did you hear about the $1,000,000.00 offer from Heritage Galleries to purchase the record breaking ball? Well, it has been rescinded.
"There's a real concern that mania over the breaking of Hank Aaron's lifetime home run record coupled with a reward for the ball could lead to fans' injuries," said company President Greg Rohan... "After personally traveling to San Francisco and meeting with a senior Security Department official at AT&T Park about the potential for a melee in the stands, and discussing potential liability with our attorneys, we have reluctantly, but we feel prudently, withdrawn the $1 million bounty for the baseball. We didn't hear of any way to prevent possible public safety problems, and we don't want a fan or a child injured or killed," Rohan explained.
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The Kuo Flip

Sports Unfiltered shows us the Hong-Chih Kuo flip.

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Former Dodger Park signs deal with Astros

The Babes from the Babes Love Baseball site let us know that old Dodger phenom Chan Ho Park has just signed a AAA deal with the Houston Astros. At 33 years old I guess they figure he must still have something in the tank.
We're going to send him to the minor leagues and make a few starts and see where we are,'' Garner said. ``You're taking a chance on him. You see where it stands and see if there's a possibly of helping out our ballclub."
Good luck Park, I still remember how great you were when you wore Blue.

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