Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Great Season Comes to an Unfortunate End

Even though the Kings lost a nail-biter tonight, 4 to 2, I am far some unhappy or discouraged. Sure, a win would have been nice, but when it comes to a young team like the Kings it's important to look at this series loss as a stepping stone to a brighter tomorrow.

This season was everything I had hoped. A team not expected to make the playoffs played their hearts out. They exceeded the expectations of the fans and I am grateful for their effort.

Thank you Kings for a great season. As Dodger fans are want to say, "wait 'til next year."

Tommy Believes in the Kings

Here is a great video with a monologue from Tommy included. It is titled "Believe." Game is at 6PM. Tune in.

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Game 6 Tonight

It's do or die tonight as the Kings face off against the Canucks for Game 6.  We are down 3 games to 2, so tonight is a must win. As I wrote the other day, playoffs are about short memories.  So, after a demoralizing loss this past Friday, 7 to 2, it's important to look towards leaving everything on the ice tonight.

Here are some choice quotes from the Kings
  • “Everybody knows the situation. It’s just business as usual. We’ve got to go out and win a game. That’s it. We’ve got to win to keep it going, and that’s all that’s on our mind.” - Defenseman Matt Greene
  • You’ve got to get yourself emotionally ready to play, and rested, and get your nutrition and come to the rink at the right time to get yourself ready to start the game. Whenever you get to the Stanley Cup playoffs, and you’re coming into a game like this one here, where you’re facing elimination, I don’t think there’s any need for any `Rocky’ video. It’s time for the players to step up. - Coach Terry Murray
  • “If you can’t get up for this, then you’re crazy. It’s do or die. This could potentially be the last game of our season, so we’ll come out scrapping and we’re going to leave it all out there on the ice, that’s for sure.” - Winger Wayne Simmonds  
  • n a game like this, we have to get off to a good start. We have to put them back on their heels if we can. We’re expecting them to be ready. They have a chance to clinch, and that’s an exciting prospect for them, so we have to be ready from start to finish and we have to have a full 60.” - Captain Dustin Brown

Troy Still Can't Sing

This video has been making the rounds, so I figured we should all enjoy it here. Troy does his 2010 version of "We Are the LA Dodgers," and as always it's good. He still can't sing, but, in all honesty, he sings better than me. Enjoy.

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Monday's Flag Day

Today is the 34th anniversary of the day Rick Monday saved America. No really! OK, I'm being a bit over dramatic. Nevertheless, it was a great moment in Baseball history and one of the most memorable moments at Dodger Stadium.

In honor of that day, check out this ticket stub from the actual game found on eBay.
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Here is a video of this event.

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Warholizing Kemp

Only the greatest of characters are worthy of being Warholized. I have no doubt that Matt Kemp is deserving.

Make your own Warhol pic here.

Blog Kiosk: 4/25/2010

Please pray for a Kings victory tonight.