Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You Da Man, Chad!

On Chad Billingsley's blog he provides a little bit of info about the Dodgers recent rookie hazing party.
A lot of people know about teams hazing their rookies and younger players. The vets had us do a little costume party after we finished the Chicago series. I was Robin Hood...no tights...got lucky. Other guys had it way worse, like Snow White, Popeye, a barely dressed fat woman, and others. When we got to San Fran. that night, the bus dropped us off about 6 blocks from the hotel, so we could show off our lovely outfits. It was quite entertaining. I'll work on getting some photos for all to see.
You will forever be a hero to this Dodger fan if you can show us some of those pics.

Chad Billingsley's Blog:

Ace Bailey Children's Foundation

Hockey Legend, Hall of Famer and former LA Kings Director of Professional Scouting Ace Bailey is being remembered on this solemn day.

Most of us still remember every detail from 6 years ago today. What time you woke up. How you first heard the news. What your emotional reaction was throughout the day. You remember the look on everyones face and the utter confusion in your own mind. September 11, 2001 was the kind of day that will forever be melted into your mind. You can never forget.

For the Bailey family and the greater hockey family in general many will be remembering Ace Bailey by paying respects to the foundation created in his name.
"But you have to make a concerted effort to bring happiness into your life. The suddenness of it all still defies comprehension. One moment you're saying bye to your husband at the airport and the next moment you're watching a plane he's on crashing into a building. It was all a little unreal. But something good has come out of the tragedy."

That something good is the Ace Bailey Children's Foundation, which has raised more than $1 million and helped refurbish a 6,500-square foot room that is now called Ace's Place at the Floating Hospital for Children at the Tufts New England Medical Center in Boston.

"It's a playroom for kids, and there is something there to do for kids of all ages," Kathy said proudly. "The older kids have air hockey they can play, and the younger ones have various toys and other things. Ace always loved kids. We always said he was a big kid who never grew up."

"...And it's really worked out well. The foundation is now going to help refurbish the neonatal intensive care unit at the children's hospital. The Boston Bruins and L.A. Kings have been very supportive, as have so many people."

Please check out the link to the Ace Bailey Children's Foundation.

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