Friday, November 18, 2016

2016 Panini Prime Cuts Baseball - All the Dodgers Insert Cards

Here is a listing of all the Dodgers insert cards found in packs of 2016 Panini Prime Cuts Baseball.  Unfortunately, I do not have photos for all of them, and will add them as they come up.  Furthermore, ignore the numbering indicated below.  For whatever stupid reason Panini does not provide accurate details about how they number these cards in the checklist they provide to the hobby.  Why?  I dunno.  It's just one of many things that is starting to annoy me about them.

Biography Relics

#16 Don Drysdale                                #19 Adrian Beltre

Blog Kiosk: 11/18/2016 - Dodgers Links - Reddick, Seager, Vin Scully and Sandy Koufax

As noted below, 50 years ago today, in 1966, Sandy Koufax officially announced his retirement from Baseball.  Above is a photograph from the press conference, via @Dodgers_History on twitter.  During the press conference he was asked, why?
The Question is why?

I don't know if cortisone is good for you or not.

But... to take a shot before every other ballgame is more than I wanted to do ... and to walk around with a constant upset stomach because of the pills... and to be high half of the time during the ballgames because your taking pain killers... I don't want to have to do that.
Go here to watch a portion of the press conference on YouTube.  Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers History:  In 1949 Jackie Robinson is named the NL MVP.  He slashed .342/.432/.528/.960 while recording 203 hits, hitting 16 home runs, driving in 124 runners, swiping a league high 37 bases and striking out only 27 times.  In 1966 Sandy Koufax announced his retirement from the game after a twelve year Major League career due to increasing pain in his arthritic left elbow. 
  • Happy Birthday, Wilkin Ruan, Gary Sheffield, Ron Coomer, Gene Mauch, Jack Coombs and Deacon McGuire!