Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lasorda: To the TV!

Tommy Lasorda has become the King of Baseball.

The Los Angeles Times has great article today about the Mighty Blue's Ambassador, the Itialian Motivator, the Dodgers Greatest Spokesman, Tommy Lasorda and his recent commercials about playoff Baseball.

Lasorda is wearing a tuxedo and being part wise grandpa, part annoyed-at-these-wimps older brother and part Henry Kissinger. Brosnan says that part of the tuxedo-wearing concept was inspired by the Harvey Keitel role in the movie "Pulp Fiction."

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Finally a Real Wagner on eBay

This is the very first eBay auction I've seen that has a real-honest-to-god-Honus Wagner T206 card for sale. It is graded PSA 1 condition which means its pretty rough. There are creases and rounded corners throughout the card. Of course, for most collectors the grade of this card doesn't matter. Just having it would be a dream come true. This particular card came from the Tri-Star Hidden Treasure promotion. It has a price tag of $235,000.00.

Check out the auction link here:

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