Sunday, July 01, 2012

Another Trade Rumor?

BTW, I've just been notified that this twitter is a fake account.  So, I suppose you should disregard this post.  On the other hand, Jennings is the kind of player I would prefer over Carlos Lee so I guess I'll chalk this up to wishful thinking.  Right on the heals of the failed Carlos Lee trade comes a fresh rumor that the Dodgers are now talking with the Tampa Bay Rays.  Apparently, young and speedy outfielder Desmond Jennings is in our sights.  Per ESPN analyst Terry Francona on twitter:
(twitter link: @FranconaESPN)

Who knows if this deal gets done, but at least we know Jennings can't say no.  He's a young player who would be under team control until 2018.  Desmond bats lead off, has a good glove, and hasn't committed an error in his short MLB career.  Furthermore, I think I would prefer adding a young bat like Jennings over a aging veteran like Lee.  Below are stats for Jennings, via Baseball Reference.

UPDATE:  Here is a video featuring Jennings highlights from 2011.

Video Link:

Woo Hoo! Dodgers Win!

After what feels like an eternity, the Dodgers final win a game.  I feel like celebrating!

Video Link:

Star Wars Night on Monday

This coming Monday is the 4th Annual Star Wars Night at Dodger Stadium.  Unfortunately, the event that includes the above t-shirt give-away is sold out.  On the other hand, there is another Star Wars related activity the following weekend that should satisfy your inner geek.  Check out the video below as Chris Hardwick of the Nerdist talks about the Dodger Stadium event and the Course of the Force.

Video Link:

Course of the Force is an Olympic torch style relay run with lightsabers, where participants will make a journey from Santa Monica to San Diego while benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  It will take place from July 7 to 11.  Go to this link for more information.

Dodgers Photo Day

Yesterday afternoon was Dodgers Photo Day on the field at Dodger Stadium. Here are some pics I found as I searched through twitter.  BTW, Dodgers photographer Jon SooHoo has a bunch of photos up on his blog as well.  Go here to check those out.  Also, a Redditor named RynoXD was there and posted a bunch of pics in imgur.  See those pics here.

Here's the field in preparation for yesterdays photo day.
(pic via twitter @MLBONFOX)

Check out that crowd.
(Pic via twitter @lauren_sapa)
(Pic via instagram @justine_diane222)

Mattingly really gets into it.
(Pic via twitter @Dodgers)

Hairston does some chatting and appears to get a big smile from some fans. 
(pic via twitter @MLBONFOX)

Matt Kemp!!! 
(pic via twitter @djkeb)