Sunday, July 01, 2012

Dodgers Photo Day

Yesterday afternoon was Dodgers Photo Day on the field at Dodger Stadium. Here are some pics I found as I searched through twitter.  BTW, Dodgers photographer Jon SooHoo has a bunch of photos up on his blog as well.  Go here to check those out.  Also, a Redditor named RynoXD was there and posted a bunch of pics in imgur.  See those pics here.

Here's the field in preparation for yesterdays photo day.
(pic via twitter @MLBONFOX)

Check out that crowd.
(Pic via twitter @lauren_sapa)
(Pic via instagram @justine_diane222)

Mattingly really gets into it.
(Pic via twitter @Dodgers)

Hairston does some chatting and appears to get a big smile from some fans. 
(pic via twitter @MLBONFOX)

Matt Kemp!!! 
(pic via twitter @djkeb)

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