Monday, May 15, 2006

An Ode to Olmedo: The Killer Tomato

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A Hochevar Sighting

Luke is on a roll. He pitched for the second time this year, yesterday, for the Fort Worth Cats. On 50 pitches Hochevar went 5 innings with 9 strike outs, on 4 hits, two run and 3 walks. Although he did not display the lightning 97+ mph speed from last week, Luke had more control as he
"mix(ed) in his slider and changeup while he used his curveball only sparingly."
His pitching coach Dan Smith added:
"Tonight I thought he was more composed," he said. "He had a game plan instead of just going out there and trying to throw 98. He pitched tonight, tried to locate his fastball and rely on movement. He showed a great breaking ball tonight. The poise that he had was great."
Hochevar also shows he understands what he needs to do.
"I executed my fastball a lot better,"
he said.
"My off-speed was also quite a bit better. Today I had quite a bit more command of it. I was in more control and had a better plan with these hitters. I knew how to pitch them, stuck with my plan and it worked out well."

I was just thinking about the Inside Dodgers comment from Roy Smith about Like Hochevar. His admission that negotiations did not end well, their continued belief that they made a fair offer and a comment about the recent signing of Jared Weaver (by the Angels) signals that the Dodgers want to re-start discussions. Not only that, I think the Dodgers made an new opening bid at the same number as the previous offer put on the table. So, considering his recent performance, I think the Dodger may be willing to come up if Luke willing to come down.

Boras... are you listening? Lets get the two together- Dodgers and Luke Hochevar.