Friday, July 13, 2007

Thank You Marlon

Following in Dodger Thoughts footsteps I too am grateful for the work and play of Marlon Anderson. He was the perfect player at the right time.

Below are some videos covering his time with us; including a great interview with him after last years fan appreciation game and the Dodgers home run rally against the Padres.

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I had to add this since Marlon's homer helped us experience this homerun. Below is a great field level view of Nomar's walk-off homer in the 10th to win the game.

Youtube Link: michaelpatrick1975:

Four Dodgers on BP's Prospects List

Check out BP's top 100 prospects list. It's available for only the next couple of days as this is usually available only to subscribers. Four Dodgers are on the list.

16. Clayton Kershaw, LHP, Dodgers, 19

Despite some occasional inconsistencies, Kershaw still sports a 2.12 ERA and twice as many strikeouts (102) than hits allowed (50) while showing the kind of stuff that scouts see out of teenage left-handers once in a generation.

20. Andy LaRoche, 3B, Dodgers, 23

He was doing little at Triple-A, and struggled in big league debut before heading to DL with shoulder problems. A reason for optimism is that he’s 12-for-30 with 23 total bases since returning to the lineup.

32. Scott Elbert, LHP, Dodgers, 21

Three starts with 24 strikeouts in 14 innings at Double-A Jacksonville and then shoulder soreness that required time on the DL before Elbert finally underwent arthroscopic surgery. It seems like all they did was clean out some scar tissue, and we won’t really know where the stuff is until he takes the mound next year.

54. James Loney, 1B/OF, Dodgers, 23

After not making the big league squad out of spring training, Loney’s .279/.345/.382 line at Triple-A Las Vegas was chalked up to a case of big league-itis. Finally returned to the majors, he’s at .385/.442/.603 in 78 at-bats, with the Dodgers finally coming around to the fact that he needs to be in the lineup on a daily basis.

Baseball Prospectus Link:

eBay: Worst Fake Ever

It's amazing the amount of fake memorabilia that ends up on eBay. It's even more amazing the number of obvious fake items that people try to peddle; like the reprint of a 1912 T207 Baseball card above.

See... not only does this card helpfully describe the name of the set (which wasn't established until decades after its actual production), but it lets you know how much the card is worth. Wow! Those cigarette makers back in the day sure had a lot of foresight.

On top of that you can buy it for a reasonable $900.00! What a bargain.

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