Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dodger Stadium is Rowdy?

On Friday the 13th several Padres fans face a rain of beer and food.

Padre Blog GasLamp Ball provides some details.
I saw that on Friday night and it was one of the craziest things I have ever seen at a game. I was in the bleachers and that was in the upper deck. I looked up and saw a bunch of people standing up and running out of a section with drinks flying everywhere. This video only catches the tail end of it where the padre fans are leaving. The 3 or 4 padres fans for some reason just sat there for about 2 minutes while the section cleared out and that is when things got ugly. I saw at least 25 beers fly at them and hit them hard. security did absolutely nothing, it was amazing. the security was terrible all night there...i saw a few girls in my section get their padre hats knocked off their heads and thrown around and then tons of peanuts thrown at them.
It does get a little crazy up there.

YouTube Video: captmouth:

Russell's Number One Fan

It has started. Russell Martin has caught the fervor of LA's young vixens. Above is a photo of Malingering proposing to our catcher. She has some great photos in her photoalbum and it is definitely worth a look.

Photo Link: flickr: Malingering:

Hat Tip: LAist:

Laying Back Enjoying the View

What Jon Said.
"Anyway, one of my flaws is I don't always analyze too hard when the Dodgers are in first place. I'm too busy enjoying it."
My thoughts exactly. Of course, I don't really do hard analysis anyway. So I'm gonna sit back on my couch with a drink in one hand and my controller in the other. After a week of having both an HD TV connection and a DVR for the first time I can truly say that everything is great. I've also been asking myself how in the world did I survive without a DVR HD connection? Television will never be the same.