Friday, May 21, 2010

Star Wars Night

Here are some pics and a video from Dodger Stadium on Empire Strikes Back Night that were found on Twitter.

Joe Torre with Billy Dee Williams.
(Pic Link: DodgerTownUSA HitPix)

(TwitPic: Design7Studio)

(TwitPic: DeeJayAsylum)

(TwitPic: DeeJayAsylum)

(Pic Link: DodgerTownUSA HitPix)

A video of Chewbacca throwing out the first pitch, courtesy of Beto Duran.


Anyone Want Oswalt?

Via MLB Trade Rumors, Houston Astros ace Roy Oswalt has asked for a trade. I think he might look pretty good in Blue. Unfortunately, they will probably be asking for too much. On the other hand, he may be cheaper (tradewise) than Cliff Lee. Oswalt is under contract till 2011 at $15Million this year and $16Million next year. Lee is working on a $8Million contract this year and then becomes a free agent.

Who would you give up, if anybody, to get him? Likely, Ethan Martin, Chris Withrow or James McDonald would have to go in a trade- maybe even two of them.

Willard on Jackie

When ever I run across a Willard Mullin drawing of Jackie Robinson I have to pass it along. Above he laments the possible exclusion of Jackie Robinson in the 1953 All-Star Team. Nothing to worry about, though, he made the team as a third baseman. This is an item found on Legendary Auctions current auction. Click on the pic above to enlarge.

(Auction Link)

RIP: Dottie Kamenshek

Dorothy "Dotty" Kamenshek was arguably the greatest and most heralded ballplayer in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. She joined in 1943 (the leagues first year) at the age of 17 after being scouted playing softball and went on to play 10 season with the Rockford Peaches as their first baseman. She was on 7 all-star teams (a member every year there was a team during her playing days), won two batting titles and is 4th on the list of all-time batting leaders at .292. Heck, she struck out only 81 times in 3,736 career at-bats.

Dottie could also handle the glove. Her lifetime fielding average was .950. Some have even argued that she may possibly be the greatest fielding first baseman, man or woman, to ever to play the game. Major Leaguer Wally Pipp once said of her that she was, "the fanciest-fielding first baseman I've ever seen, man or woman."

Years later she was depicted by Geena Davis in the great film "A League of Their Own." (Woops, I got this a bit wrong. Geena was more closely depicting teammate Dottie Green, but Kamenshek was also an inspiration for the character. She also was on the set of the movie.)

This past Monday she passed away at the age of 84.

Check out this great story about her at the Hall of Fame, or on SABR's Journal #31, page 83.
As a testament to her greatness, Starting Lineup made a figurine in her honor.

That Shirt Is Going Places

Left Field Pavilions fan-made Casey Blake "In Beard We Trust" shirt is turning out to be a big winner. Not only do the fans love them, but so does Matt Kemp and the Dodgers broadcast crew. If you want one then get it directly from the source, LFP.

Is it a coincidence that Casey's surge coincides with the reemergence of the beard. I think not!

In The Navy

Here is a great vintage press photo from July 1942 that exemplifies the sacrifice many Americans made for their country during a time of war. Cookie Lavagetto, already a 8 year Major League veteran, signed up for the Navy in the middle of his career to help train some young recruits. Here, he shows a couple of kids the ins-n-outs of an airplane motor in Alameda, CA. Five years later he resumed his Baseball life with the Blue Crew.