Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hawksworth Knows Golf and Hockey

This was taken last week when a couple members of the Kings threw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium. On that day, a special putting green was set up in the dugout for players to enjoy as a competition broke out between Blake Hawksworth and the Kings players. Hawksworth shows his stuff and sinks one with, what I can only imagine is, a wood driver.

I'm not sure if the photo is from the Dodgers or the Kings Media so I can't provide appropriate attribution, but I did find this on tumblr at LA Kings: In the Media.

2011 Bowman Dodger Base Cards

Here are the Dodger base cards within the recently release 2011 Bowman Baseball card set. Typically noted for being a rookie and prospect set, there are some normal regulars, minor league prospects and one rookie card from a 30+ year old that, in my opinion, makes it a winner for Dodger collectors. Check them out below.

207 John Lindsey - RC

This is probably the most exciting Dodger base card in the set. Our feel-good story of 2010 has his own MLB card within the base set. That's big time my man.

Already Looking to the Off-Season?

MLB Trade Rumors is doing a rundown of 2012 contract issues for every team and posted the Dodgers outlook this morning. For those experiencing emotional abuse from the Dodgers, this might only deepen the pain. Here is a key excerpt:
The big question, of course, is the team's ownership situation. If by November Bud Selig successfully removes Frank McCourt from the picture entirely and installs a new owner, the Dodgers figure to be major players in free agency. If not, I have to think payroll would be cut. In that case GM Ned Colletti would still have some spending money, just not for the big names.
Unfortunately, I think a rapid conclusion by November would be a miracle.

Auto Collection: Maury Wills Leather & Lumber 2004

Following up on yesterdays post, here are Maury Wills 2004 Donruss Leather & Lumber autographed cut cards. Almost the exact same design as the following years offering, save the marble looking background and ornate line framing around the signature.