Friday, February 15, 2008

Curious About the Sub-Prime Mess?

Have you been watching the news wondering what caused this whole sub-prime, credit market mess? How could everything have seemingly fallen apart so fast? Barry Ritholtz of The Big Picture has helpfully created a Google app of a powerpoint presentation that has recently been running around Wall Street.

Click here, or the pic below, to launch the slide show.

Hat Tip: The Big Picture:

Squad Going to China to Include Nomar, Andruw and Kemp

It appears our team going to China will only have a handful of players.
Third baseman Nomar Garciaparra and outfielder Andruw Jones... are likely candidates for the trip, along with up-and-coming outfielder Matt Kemp... but all Dodgers players were asked to bring a passport to spring training.

"You probably won't see a lot of the pitchers over there only because you play two games and that would be a long way to go just to throw in the bullpen," Torre said on reporting day for pitchers and catchers. "Right now we are scheduled with a couple of the regulars. ... We're going to try to split the group pretty much in half, but probably leave more people back based on the fact we are playing more games here."
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