Sunday, May 02, 2010

eBay: A Singing Wheaties Box

One of the most frequently sung songs in the world, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" is synonymous with America, Apple Pie and Cereal? Above is a great auction item of a record cut from a box of Wheaties from the 1950's. You would buy a box of cereal, cut along the dotted line, pierce a hole in the middle, and then play it on your record player.

What makes this recording so memorable is who is singing. For whatever reason, they didn't bother to tell you who lent their voice on the Wheaties record. They should have, of course, because it features four famous ballplayers- Phil Rizzuto, Tommy Henrich, Ralph Branca and Roy Campanella. Listen to a recording of this paper record right here, via Baseball Recording. Something to note, the original recording, produced by Arthur Shimkin, was sold as a separate record and is longer in length as it features sounds of them cheering, a batted ball and other sound effects. Listen to that recording here. Below is the sleeve from the record.

Blog Kiosk: 5/2/2010

It's way to early to worry about the Dodgers.
  • With the Kings season over all there is left to do is gaze at pictures of the LA Kings Ice Girls, via Sports Illustrated.
  • Check out this brilliant post featuring a modified Peanuts cartoon strip and the Dodgers, via It's Time for Dodger Baseblog. Awesome, just awesome!
  • Remember Matt White? He was the former Dodger pitcher who's land was valued at $2 billion. Well, that value appears to be a bit overblown; nevertheless, he has been making a good living. On top of that, his dream of Baseball success has yet to disappear. Read more about it here.
  • Check it out. Baseball-Reference is now doing cards- a Card of the Week, that is.
  • You have to take a look at Ben's (from It's Time for Dodgers Baseblog) photos from opening day. They are very good!
  • Check our Auction Recollections from Sports Pickle as they catch up with a Baseball card photographer for some stories. Very funny stuff. On Don Moss:
    "But his left eye still lingered in my direction, suspicious. Scared. Lazy. But I got my one shot, Don got through it all okay -- his coaches calmed him with a carrot and an apple -- and it resulted in what I think is one of my finest portraits."
  • Adding insult to injury, Upper Deck loses their football license, as Topps regains theirs after a very short hiatus.