Thursday, March 08, 2007

eBay: Dodgers Oddball Find

Yesterday, a unusual Dodger item came up for bid on eBay. It's a Dodger team uniform for the Johnny Hero doll.
Johnny Hero was a 13 inch figure made by Rosko Industries for Sears in 1965 as an alternative to GI Joe. He disappeared a few years after as apparently an alternative was not required. He was repackaged briefly (probably to dump unsold stock) as an Olympic Hero.
I love seeing this oddball stuff. Better yet, I'd love to add it to my collection. Unfortunately, it got a bit too rich for my blood- even at an affordable $30+ bucks.

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Research: Paper of Record

A complete and searchable historical archive of The Sporting News newspaper is available for free. The website "Paper of Record" is an ambitious project to digitize the human word in a easy and free database.
Imagine the world's daily history presented for the past 500 years in a single, freely accessible database.
It started in Canada and is slowly spreading to include newspapers throughout the world. This is the kind of thing that makes the Internet special.

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Godless Presidential Dollar

Most of you have probably heard of the Topps Derek Jeter card with Mantle and President Bush in the background (btw, it's not an error card. so please stop paying crazy prices for them on eBay) , but have you heard about the recently discovered "Godless" Presidental Dollars?Vintage coin graders PCGS tells us all about them. This is the first error coin to be missing the mint mark, date and phrase "In God We Trust."
Some people think the "Godless" dollars were made on purpose and that they are part of a deliberate plan to remove "IN GOD WE TRUST" from our coins. We do not believe that to be the case. Actually, we're rather impressed that the Mint can turn out such huge quantities of coins on a regular basis yet still make so few mistakes.
I thought I'd try to nip that in the butt before I hear about a grand anti-God conspiracy on Fox News.

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YouTube Video: Dead Ball Era

Below is a video collage paying homage to early 20th century Baseball and the photographers who allow us to remember, reflect and get excited all over again.

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eBay Purchase: Drinking and Baseball

After a hard day of sitting out in the sun playing America's favorite game it is only fair that the boys get together for a sip of hootch. Notice below how the delectable morsel we call alcohol was greedily slurped down by man and boy alike. Heck, its good they arranged the balls and bats on the ground first before downing the mid-afternoons lunch. Otherwise, they may never have been able to display, or remember, the relationship between their hearty drink and the ballgame they played that day. Below is a real photo postcard, circa 1920's, I recently won on eBay.

I Could Use A Beer

This is the perfect refrigerator.

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