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2014 Allen & Ginter Baseball - The Dodger Rip Cards

The next group of Dodger cards found within Allen & Ginter are called Rip cards.  Go here to check out all of my previous post on this set.  As the name suggest, hidden within the bowels of these cards are scarce mini cards.  There are single Rip cards, double Rip cards (with 2 mini cards inside) and for the first time Mini-Rip cards.

The Mini-Rip cards are the size of a typical mini card, but have a surprise hidden within them.  There is an even smaller mini- card that can be ripped out.  From my understanding, there are 20 Mini-Rip cards available, but a complete checklist is not yet known.  Also, a Dodger is not yet known to exist in this set.

BTW, the mini-mini cards are all "1 of 1" super small versions of the base mini card.  They look to be about the size of those mini cards Topps produced in the early 90's.  In the below 2 photos is an example of a Mini-Rip card on the left and the Clayton Kershaw mini-mini base card on the right.

Below are the single Rip Dodger cards.

Rip Cards Set

#RIP-28 Jackie Robinson (#/5)                        #RIP-29 Yasiel Puig (#/50)

#RIP-30 Clayton Kershaw (#/25)                     #RIP-31 Hyun-Jin Ryu (#/75)

#RIP-76 Duke Snider (#/5)             #RIP-77 Sandy Koufax (#/5)

Below is a complete checklist of the Doder Double Rip cards, and below that are photos of the cards that have emerged.
#DRIP-09 Clayton Kershaw & Yasiel Puig
#DRIP-25 Hyun-Jin Ryu & Iwakuma
#DRIP-39 Jackie Robinson & Duke Snider
#DRIP-73 Adrian Gonzalez & Hanley Ramirez
#DRIP-74 Zack Greinke & Clayton Kershaw
#DRIP-90 Jackie Robinson & Sandy Koufax
#DRIP-91 Tommy Lasorda & Don Sutton

Double Rip Cards Set

#DRIP-09 Clayton Kershaw & Yasiel Puig (#/10)

#DRIP-25 Hyun-Jin Ryu & Iwakuma (#/25)

#DRIP-39 Jackie Robinson & Duke Snider (#/5)

#DRIP-73 Adrian Gonzalez & Hanley Ramirez (#/5)

#DRIP-74 Zack Greinke & Clayton Kershaw (#/5)

#DRIP-90 Jackie Robinson & Sandy Koufax (#/5)

#DRIP-91 Tommy Lasorda & Don Sutton (#/5)
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Uber-Dodger Fan Christian Haupt Featured in All-Star Game Commercial

A couple of years ago I shared a story about 3-year old Christian Haupt.  Check that out here.  He had gained some fame as a little Baseball prodigy and an uber-Dodger fan.  He earned a cameo role in the Adam Sandler film "That's My Boy" as a Baseball playing kid, and would soon become the youngest person to ever throw a first pitch at a Major League Baseball game at the age of 3 in 2012.  The above photo, taken by Photographer Mark J. Terrill of the AP, of that first pitch went a bit viral at the time.

A couple of years later his fame appears to not have abated.  Just before the recently concluded All-Star Game in Minnesota Christian was the main actor in a FOX pregame show introduction.  Check it out at the very bottom.  Below is a photo of the film-shoot for the video, provided by his mom.

Wow!  It's amazing what this kid has done in just a few short years.  BTW, the kid is still a phenom on the field.  He currently plays on Orlando Cepeda's traveling Baseball team for youths - who knew there was such a thing?

Watch the commercial below:

Video Link:

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Blog Kiosk: 7/17/2014 - Dodger Links - Kemp is Unhappy and Puig is Scared of Thunder

Vin Scully and Fernando Valenzuela are featured in the newest issue of the Hollywood Reporter.  Pic above via @Dodgers PR on twitter.  Check out the Hollywood Reporter story here.  There are some great photos to check out; including pics of Luc Robitaille and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
  • Is it me or does the criticism and subsequent defenses being levied onto Adam Wainwright sound an awful lot like the kind of things said about Puig last season.  Ya know, Puig disrespects the game - Wainwright disrespects one of the greats of the game... Puig lacks class - Wainwright lacks class... Puig should just shut up - Wainwright should just shut up... 
I'd be lying if I told you I didn't enjoy the shoe being on the other foot.  For the record, this whole thing (like the Puig thing) is overblown, but that won't stop me from twisting that knife just a little bit... for the lulz, ya know?
  • Not surprisingly, two Hall of Famer Dodgers made PSA's list of Top-20 Baseball Autographs in the hobby: Sandy Koufax at #7 and Jackie Robinson at #4.  Check out the list here.
  • Via Ken Rosenthal at FoxSports, "Agent: Dodgers' Kemp open to trade if not playing every day."
According to Stewart, Kemp wants to play center field again on an everyday basis. Even though Matt has been playing left field in an everyday role since Carl Crawford nearly snapped his ankle in half, it seems like Kemp is still bitter about being uprooted from center field.
Nomo will be inducted into the Japan Baseball Hall of Fame. Ceremonies will be held on the field to honor the 2014 inductees (which include former Major League pitcher Kazuhiro Sasaki, slugger Koji Akiyama and Choichi Aida, the former baseball coach of prestigious Waseda University who passed away in 2012) prior to the Nippon Professional Baseball All-Star Game at Seibu Dome in Tokorozawa (near Tokyo), Japan on Friday.

The same day, Park will receive recognition during retirement ceremonies prior to the Korean Professional Baseball All-Star Game at Champions Field, Kwangju, South Korea.
Via Peter O'Malley:
“Nomo and Park are both true pioneers,” said O’Malley. “They opened the door for more players from Japan and South Korea to participate in Major League Baseball. Today, there have been 40 players from Japan and 14 from South Korea who have played in the major leagues. I am very proud of their leadership and their on-going commitment to youth baseball in Japan and South Korea.” 
  • Uh... Yasiel Puig is terrified of thunder... LOL! ...Wait for it...

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