Friday, May 04, 2012

SCP Auctions: Jackie, Sandy and the Babe

SCP Auctions has their 2012 Spring/May auction up and it is definitely worth a look.  They have the entire rookie PSA 10 graded card collection belonging to former slugger Dmitri Young, a large collection of Thurman Munson memorabilia, memorabilia belonging to David Wells (including a Babe Ruth cap) and a circa 1920's game-worn jersey from Babe Ruth that is expected to reach into the 7 figures.  On top of that, there are some very nice Dodgers related collectibles.  Check out my favorites below.

Below is an original 1949 barnstorming advertising poster showcasing a game featuring Jackie Robinson and his Major League All-Stars.  Both Roy Campanella and Larry Doby are also highlighted.  Memorabilia like this are very scarce and often counterfeited, so be weary if you're in the market for one.  I would be especially careful about purchasing memorabilia like this off of eBay.  A vast majority of them are fakes, and weirdly many of the fakes where sold out of the Midwest (particularly Ohio).  Why?  I dunno.  That has just been my observation.  Anyway, I'll let the auction description go into more details about the game featured in the poster.
The exhibition drew a crowd estimated at 12,000 fans to High Rock Park, better known as Tar Park, the home of the New York Yankee farm club Norfolk Tars. To show Robinson's popularity, contemporary newspaper accounts say several thousand fans were turned away on orders of the fire department that night.

This is a style of cap I didn't know existed back in the days of Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball.  Below is a game-used mesh style Brooklyn Dodgers cap of Sandy Koufax.  From the auction description:
Originating from the personal collection of former Major League pitcher Karl Drews, the caps history has been thoroughly documented by his son John Drews. In Drews’ accompanying one-page notarized letter of provenance he details the hat's history. It reads in part, “My father Karl Drews played professional baseball for 21 years ...He pitched in relief for the Yankees in the 1947 season going 6-6 and had two appearances in the 1947 World Series ...He had his best season in the majors in 1952, winning 14 games and finishing 5th in the league with a 2.72 ERA. He finished his major league career in 1954 with the Cincinnati Reds. My father continued to play professional baseball with numerous minor league teams, eventually finishing his career in 1960 with the Mexico City Reds. When we were young our father brought home from his spring training site a hat that he said he got from a very young Sandy Koufax. He told us how he was a very young left handed pitcher who everyone had great expectations for and that he too thought would be a truly great pitcher one day. He told us how special this hat would be some day if Koufax had the type of career that the players and coaches envisioned. We kept the hat in our closet with other items from my father's playing days (there were no fancy hat boxes, bat holders, etc back then)

This jersey is just wonderful.  It's a 1938 Brooklyn Dodgers game-used full uniform once worn by Babe Ruth.  Awesome, just awesome.

Blog Kiosk: 5/4/2012

Welcome to the Blue, Bobby Abreau.  Obviously, he won't be a everyday starter like he wanted to be with the Angels.  Maybe the general lack of interest caused him to reevaluate his position, or maybe he just wanted out of Anaheim.  Via a Dodgers Press Release:
The Los Angeles Dodgers today announced the signing of outfielder Bobby Abreu to a one-year contract and optioned infielder Justin Sellers to Triple-A Albuquerque. General Manager Ned Colletti made the announcement.
“Bobby has consistently performed throughout his career and brings his winning experience to the clubhouse,” said Colletti. “He gives us a left-handed bat off the bench and will also see time in the outfield. He has been a very good hitter throughout his career, he knows how to work a count and has been a run producer.”
  • BTW, Matt Kemp was named MLB's National League Player of the Month of April.   
  • Maury Brown at the Biz of Baseball tells us how much Selig disliked McCourt. (Hat Tip: 6-4-2)

For those counting, that’s seven all-too-clear comments about Selig’s dislike for McCourt. Along with the comments, there is the absence of any positive statements about McCourt, something that Selig and the league nearly always do when there is an outgoing owner.
  • Summer Anne Burton shares he drawing of Don Drysdale at Every Hall of Famer.  She begins the drawing with a classic Drysdale quote:
 I start the game mad and I stay that way until it's over.
  • Attention all men!  Kate Upton is getting a Baseball card.  It'll be in this coming Allen & Ginter set, via ESPN.
  • Jose "frick'n" Canseco wants to be a write-in candidate for this years All-Star Game, via the Hall of Very Good.  I say, let him in!
  • A 1961 Wilie Mays uniform walks into the antique Roadshow, via Sports Collectors Daily.
  • I literally live a couple of blogs from this place.  Jared Weaver celebrated his no-hitter by partying at "The Goat" in Costa Mesa, via TMZ.